Duracap Labs Owners Facing Anabolic Steroid Trafficking Charges


One of the most popular designer steroid and prohormone supplement companies, Duracap Labs, has been under fire for the past few months, and now that there is a superseding indictment filed, it’s going to get a lot worse for them and their operation. The end result is that Duracap is going to be experiencing a lot of problems. The lab is owned by a couple, Beny Mesika and his wife, Liz Kuecher. The couple has been running the lab for several years, and the new indictment replaces another one that included Mesika and his former co-founder of the company, Wes Houser.

Duracap Labs owners are looking at prison time

This is a very critical indictment because it means that there has been a turn in terms of what’s happened between the former cofounders. In the past, the indictment included Houser, but this new indictment is basically evidence that Houser has decided to take a plea deal in exchange for giving information on his former business partners. While Houser is cooperating, it doesn’t mean that he’s leaving this situation completely unscathed. In 2017, he had to plead guilty to a conspiracy charge, but the conspiracy charge he’s facing is far less serious as the other charges that are being levied against the couple of Mesika and Keucher.

Duracap was a popular provider of steroids and prohormones under the guise that they were dietary supplements. This is an important way that businesses and labs similar to Duracap skirt the loose supplement laws. If you sell something as a dietary supplement, you can try and avoid the same level of monitoring that other products get. Because many supplement companies engage in the sale of these products, they need a third party that can producer the dietary supplements, which are really just steroids and prohormones.

Obviously, the United States has very strict laws governing the sale of steroids and prohormones – both of which are considered to be controlled substances. Neither of these two types of drugs are supposed to be sold “over-the-counter” to individuals in the United States, but that’s exactly what was happening as part of the “dietary supplement” business that this company was running.

In reality, Duracap wasn’t a dietary supplement business at all. They were modern-day snake oil salesman, pedaling dangerous controlled substances like steroids and prohormones under the guise of dietary supplements and putting all of their clients at risk every step of the way.

That’s what made Duracap such a lucrative business. They would essentially provide these third-party steroids and ingredients to their clients. Obviously, putting undisclosed ingredients in these products has its issues. A man is suing Duracap for his liver condition which he cites came as the result of using one of their supplements that did not disclose steroid-based ingredients in the products that it made.

This is primarily why the federal government goes after companies like Duracap in the first place as it can pose a threat to consumer safety. Make no mistake about it, there are a number of other “underground” drug operations just like this one operating in the United States and promising the moon and the stars when it comes to their “dietary supplements” that are actually controlled substances – with that’s why the government is cracking down so hard on this company and really looking to establish a precedent and send a message to everyone operating on the black market.

While the civil case against Duracap from the man claiming damages is pending until the criminal case is closed, it remains to be seen whether or not all of them will go down or just the steroid-selling couple. It’s likely that everyone involved in this case is going to be roped back in, regardless of whether or not they are cooperating with authorities.

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