Man Currently Charged With Importing Steroids Begins Successful Supplement Business

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What do you do when you have the US Department of Homeland Security beating down your door, combing through your records, and basically examining every aspect of your life to determine whether or not you have truly been illegally importing raw anabolic steroids directly from China for the past two years?

Well, most people would hole up, get their hands on the best legal representation of available, and do absolutely everything in their power to work closely with the government to manage and mitigate the damage and fallout stemming from a charge and investigation of this severity.

raw steroid powderHowever, if you are a man by the name of Matt Short (who is actually going through this real-life nightmare scenario right now) you do all of that while also building a sports supplement empire had the exact same time!

Short isn’t exactly shying away

By all accounts Matt Short has always been a fitness buff and has dedicated his life to building the kind of body that could grace pretty much any muscle magazine on the planet – and go head to head and toe to toe against most anyone that the Mr. Universe competition as well) – but he also might be a man that has been importing illegal substances and drugs into the United States for close to five years now.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, they are investigation into Short began about two years ago when they were alerted by U.S. Customs that there was an inbound package headed to Mr. Short filled with about 800 g of raw anabolic steroid powder in 13 different bags.

Upon further examination of the substances the US Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with U.S. Customs decided that they would pass the raw anabolic steroids along as if nothing had happened, all in an effort to see exactly how Mr. Short would respond.

Well, let’s just say that things didn’t go exactly as the US government would have expected them to.

You see, Mr. Short (29 years old) decided that he would waive his rights completely and own up to the fact that he had in fact been bringing in raw anabolic steroid powder and that he was in fact taking receipt and ownership of the package that Homeland Security and Customs had allowed to be delivered to him.

But he would go as far as saying that he was responsible for manufacturing or distributing anabolic steroids, charges that the US government would love to make stick.

Fighting the fight while building a tremendously successful business

Though Mr. Short has been pretty upfront and honest about ordering and receiving that raw anabolic steroid powder, he does fight the contention that he was some sort of drug manufacturer or drug pusher and that he was planning on using those raw anabolic steroids all on his own for personal consumption.

While the US government continues to create a case against him, Short has been working on building a tremendously successful sports supplement business that has skyrocketed in just the last few years – all while he’s been steadily fighting those charges stemming from steroid importation.

This hasn’t stopped local organizations to try and stem his business success, though they hadn’t had any luck whatsoever doing so – and thank heaven for that. A local group made up of members of the local newspaper have tried to investigate whether or not the city could revoke Shorts business license, only to be told in no uncertain terms that he has done nothing wrong, has violated no rules or regulations that would conflict with his business, and is free to continue to conduct business in the area.

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