Massive Accidental Steroid Bust in Georgia USA


It was by accident that federal law enforcement agents discovered an underground lab creating domestic steroids in Milledgeville, GA. What began as a raid at an unrelated bar ended in the arrest of two men on charges of steroid trafficking.

Capital City Nightclub Georgia

Multiple bars in Georgia were simultaneously raided on February 28, 2017. The Capitol City night club and Chops restaurant were under investigation from both the FBI and the IRS. While details of the raid are still mostly unknown, it is believed that it didn’t have anything to do with steroids. It seems to be just their bad luck that the two men arrested happened to live in the same building and were using their apartment and basement for the illegal activities.

Imagine the surprise of the IRS and FBI agents when, in the Capitol City night club building, they happened upon evidence of steroid distribution. They were not there to look for steroids and had no idea that they would find them or any evidence of them while on the raid of the night club. The agents were forced to call Ocmulgee Drug Task Force team to come help. The Commander, Wesley Nunn, was shocked at the amount of steroids that were found. Thankfully, the stash was not in the night club or in the restaurant, but rather in apartments rented by the two men arrested, Paul Creech and James Scarborough.

The operation that Creech and Scarborough had was impressive. The steroids were being packed up and labeled to be sent all over the United States and throughout the world through the mail. The two men had created a whole operation in the basement, making it easy for them to package, label, and ship their steroids all in one location. The bottles that the steroids were in had labels with numbers and dates, making them look like they were official pharmaceuticals. It was obvious that this operation had been going on for a while. Stored down in the basement were the vials with injectable steroids, while steroid pills to be taken orally were stored upstairs in the apartment where the men lived.

Both men were arrested and then booked on multiple charges. In the Baldwin County Jail, Scarborough was held on three counts of possession with intent to distribute and Creech was charged with ten counts. It is illegal distribute anabolic steroids. Their charges are in violation of the VGSCA (Georgia Controlled Substances Act).

Commander Nunn with the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force ended up contacting the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). He did this because the two men were shipping the steroids throughout the country and even out of the country. He was worried that there would be ramifications for the case that extended out of his jurisdiction and decided that calling in help from the DEA was the best way to keep his case airtight. In doing so he can guarantee that the DEA will be able to work the case and fully press charges on the two men involved.