Powerlifter Larry “Wheels” Williams Talks Steroid Stacks


We are most definitely in the post shadow era of performance-enhancing drug use, that’s for sure.

Almost 20 years ago, performance-enhancing drugs probably reached their peak when it comes to professional sports in America. Baseball players in particular looked like the kinds of action figures you’d find in toy stores all over the country, shaped a lot more like professional wrestlers and tight ends in the NFL than first basemen, third basemen, and corner outfielders.

Other sports also had athletes that were very obviously “juiced up”, and officials were all too happy to turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior as long as records were being broken, attention and interest was increasing, and the prophets were flowing in from all sides.

However, sports like bodybuilding and powerlifting in particular weren’t all that excited about these “gear running” athletes shattering records that were held by clean athletes. Steroid use – and, honestly, steroid abuse – wasn’t anywhere near as openly discussed in these kinds of sports the way it was in the others, and there certainly weren’t any athletes willing to go on public record and say that they were juicing.

Today, however, nothing could be further from the truth – as it is clearly evidence by the confession made on YouTube by Larry “Wheels” Williams that was posted just recently.

Coming clean about his steroid stack

For seemingly forever now, Larry Williams has been regarded as one of the most impressive power lifters of his generation, the kind of genetics superfreak that only comes around a handful of times in a lifetime.

However, according to a YouTube video published by Larry in March 2017, he comes completely clean about using anabolic steroid during his competing days – and he pulls absolutely no punches whatsoever but instead decides to bear it all in this tell-all video.

Not only confessing to the fact that he uses anabolic steroids (continues to use anabolic steroids, by the way), he also goes on to give advice about the anabolic steroids he likes best, the anabolic steroids he likes least, and what he considers to be the “perfect stack” to provide him with the power, strength, and mass necessary to move amounts of weight no one else ever has.

“I felt like a living rat was eating away at my intestines,” he said when explaining the damage androgens can do.

Williams is tremendously candid about his almost 20 years of experience using different steroids, experimenting with different stacks, and really trying to dial in the perfect stack for him and his goals.

Mentioning that he has used as much as 1200 mg of testosterone enanthate, 450 mg of trenbolone enanthate, and 400 mg of trenbolone acetate per week (the kind of dosage that definitely makes your head spin), Williams also goes on to describe his own experimentation with 16 week cycles of different steroids, hormones, and other mass building solutions.

Williams now believes that the “more is best” approach that so many bodybuilders and power lifters base they are steroid use off of today is nowhere near as effective as really experimenting with different stacks to dial in the right dosages for your particular body biochemistry.

Larry said that when he went for as big a dose as possible across the board he felt as though a rat was living inside of his stomach and eating away at his intestines, but that once he found testosterone and anadrol worked in smaller doses – and provided much, much better results – he learned to lean back on the steroids that he was using and instead find an “ideal stack” that works far better without as much of the use on the body.

Now acting as an “ambassador” for the Wellness Fitness & Nutrition operation (a company that openly distributes millions of dollars worth of anabolic steroids via the web), Larry “Wheels” Williams is coming about as clean about steroid use as any athlete possibly could.