Study: Great Tea Helps Fight Ageing

New research coming out of Japan, led by some of their most preeminent researchers and scientists at the Tohuku University, suggests that individuals over the age of 65 that drink at least two glasses of green tea every day are likely to lead happier and healthier lifestyles than those that do not.

On top of that, the same researchers believe that every extra cup of green tea consumed by adults over the age of 65 has a compounding beneficial impact on their health and wellness. Not only does it improve overall health markers and mental clarity, but it also works to improve their ability to function dependently.

This research project began in 2006 and encompassed more than 14,000 participants, with the test concluding three years later. At the time, researchers were encouraged at the data they had been able to uncover over this 36 month test period but it wasn’t until just recently when many of these test participants were reengaged and found to have continued drinking at least two glasses of green tea every day that they found just how beneficial this habit really one spirit

The group included men and women living in the town of Ohsaki in every single individual in the test protocol was at least 65 years of age or older at the time the study began in 2006. Researchers were looking to find any all-natural solutions that might be able to reduce the likelihood of elderly people needing medical attention and they discovered – quite quickly – just how beneficial green tea could be.

Initially, researchers were under the impression that green tea could have a transformative beneficial impact when it came to protecting people against prostate cancer. However, by the time the study had been in the middle of its first year they realized that this wasn’t true – though it does have the ability to dramatically reduce the chances of fatal pneumonia.

Researchers also discovered that consuming at least two glasses of green tea every day reduced overall psychological anxiety and stress, all but eliminated depression completely, and generally raised and improved the moods of those that had been consuming this much tea consistently.

Looking back on the project now, researchers discovered that those that drink at least two glasses of green tea every day lived considerably longer lives than those that did not. The initial tests in the initial results were published in Japan in 2009, but new research and new data has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition now in 2019 – and it shows just how beneficial green tea can be.

The final conclusion of these Japanese researchers regarding this beverage was that green tea consumption is closely related to the health and wellness of those at least 65 years of age and older, and that it has multiple beneficial impacts on mental, emotional, and physical health markers.

The clinical trail concluded, “Green tea consumption is inversely associated with incident functional disability. Clinical trials are necessary to confirm the protective effect of green tea against functional disability.”

They also found that consuming five or more cups of green tea per day reduced the chances of the invalidity (in all of its numerous forms) by nearly 35% – making it one of the true “super foods” we know of today.