Study: Is Caffeine An Effective Fat Burner?

Researchers at Kent State University have released a research paper that conclusively proves what fat melting supplement companies have been promising and promoting for years and years now – that caffeine quite literally turns you into a fat burning furnace and helps you melt more fat than if you weren’t supplementing regularly with caffeine to begin with.

Researchers conducted a study that stretched over 30 days with laboratory mice, examining the impact that caffeine had on their ability to burn fat more efficiently. It turns out that if you exercise more often your fat percentage is going to decrease (no surprise there) – but if you are supplementing with caffeine you are able to dramatically elevate the rate of fat percentage decrease, helping you to achieve a slimmer and healthier body much faster.

This new report will be published shortly in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. Researchers at Kent State University were looking to figure out whether or not supplement companies were telling the truth when it came to the impact caffeine has on fat loss, but even they were staggered by the results that they uncovered.

The test began with a number of laboratory rats being split out into two distinct groups. Both groups were put on a regular workout routine of running on a treadmill for 25 minutes every day, though the test group were provided with a dosage of coffee 20 minutes before that session began while the control group was given no supplements whatsoever.

The test group that received caffeine was given a dosage that works out to the rough equivalent of between 400 and 800 mg of caffeine if they were human beings and not laboratory rats. Again, the control group wasn’t given any active supplements but instead a placebo just to measure if there was any real difference whatsoever.

It turns out that the laboratory rats given caffeine supplementation 20 minutes ahead of working out had a lot more energy to burn on the treadmill. What was surprising, however, was that this extra boost of energy only really became apparent after 25 minutes of activity on the treadmill had already passed.

Sensors that had been attached to these laboratory rats reported that during exercise these animals were actually pumping out a lot more heat when they had been given caffeine. This thermogenic result help to explain the increased caloric consumption by exercise, especially since the muscles that were activated were using more energy because they were releasing a lot more heat.

That thermogenic increase also led to a bigger caloric deficit, which in turn naturally resulted in improved fat burning efficiency. If your body doesn’t have enough energy to consume from fuel (the foods or drinks you eat) it’s going to start pulling from your energy stores – the fat around your body – and will start burning that.

Caffeine has always been touted as a thermogenic supplement that helps to turn people into literal fat melting furnaces. It turns out that companies including caffeine in their fat burning pills may actually be onto something!