The Verdict Is In – Most Men Do Not Regret Taking Steroids

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any serious bodybuilders or professional athletes that have taken advantage of everything that anabolic steroids have to offer, but a recent study conducted by the Andrologia Journal publication points to new evidence that the overwhelming majority of men that have taken anabolic steroids in the past have absolutely zero regrets about doing so.

According to the information that will be released to the general public in October 2015, 84% of anabolic steroid users (past and present) responded that they had absolutely zero regrets at all about using steroids in any way, shape, or form, with only 15.2% reporting that they had second thoughts.

The entire study was conducted using a completely anonymous research distribution method, which allowed those responding to the poll to maintain complete and total anonymity throughout. This is a rather unique approach to similar studies like this that have been conducted in the past, as it completely eliminates any feelings of shame or backlash that subjects may have had to deal with if their names were attached to “non-politically correct” statements in regards to anabolic steroids and their usage.

382 men reported that they were first introduced to anabolic steroids after seeking medical attention with an interest in taking advantage of testosterone supplement therapy, with only 80 of those men reporting that they had used steroids in the past. The average age of those responding to this survey were aged right around 40 years old, so these were men that have had experience with steroids in the past and have had to live with at least some of the steroids side effects (if any presented themselves).

steroids needlesThe question that was asked of these men was simple and straightforward. They merely had to answer whether or not they regretted or did not regret using steroids, with 84% responding that they had absolutely zero regrets whatsoever.

On top of that, the group that responded that they did have some regrets or second thoughts also reported that they did not experience more steroid related side effects than the group that had no regrets, showing that the side effects had little to no impact on whether or not a specific group of people regretted their decision to go forth with performance-enhancing drugs.

On the flip side, of the men that reported that they had some regrets, the overwhelming majority of them stated that their regrets were more “future paced” – that they were worried about side effects occurring in the future rather than any that they had already had to contend with in the past or present.

This is understandable, as most of the men that had taken the survey reported that they were most nervous about the potential for anabolic steroid side effects impacting fertility in a negative way. There weren’t a large amount of men responding to the survey reporting that they had fertility problems caused by steroids, but it was clearly one of the pressure points and sources of anxiety that could have contributed to those that regretted moving forward with these drugs.

At the end of the day, this new research is exciting and interesting for a variety of different reasons – but the conclusions cannot be considered complete until a larger sample size is involved in the same kind of testing. Hopefully the Andrologia Journal will continue these kinds of anonymous tests on a regular basis and for years to come, so that the entire anabolic steroid community can have a better understanding of the situation, the cost and the benefits, and whether or not one will be settled with doubt or regret after moving forward with these kinds of performance-enhancing drugs.


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