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Increase The Effects Of Anavar With Coffee

Blog Entry #12 By Admin – If you’re an Anavar user and want to increase its bioavailability, making a smaller amount go that little bit further, or magnifying its muscle building effects at all – ingest it with a cup of coffee. Researchers in Portugal have found something fairly interesting after steroid users in Portgul and Spain were convinced Anavar + caffeine was superior Read more [...]

News: Should The NBA Study The Potential Benefits Of HGH Use?

News: Dallas Mavericks Owner Thinks The NBA Should Study The Potential Benefits Of HGH Use   Blog Entry #11 By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor - Injury prevention and rehabilitation has been an essential element of every single sport. The nature of professional and elite level sports involves inherent risks of injury not only within contact sports, but also non-contact Read more [...]

News: Steroid Use As Bad As Terrorism?

News: Steroid Use As Bad As Terrorism? Peter Gammons Compares Alex Rodriguez To The Boston Marathon Bombers Blog Entry #10 By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor – Peter Gammons, a well-known sports journalist, in a recent interview compared Alex Rodriguez to the Boston Marathon bombers stating “He wants to blow up the world. You know, he’s like the marathon bombers. It’s just, Read more [...]

News: Canadian Mayor Rob Ford And The Alleged Steroid Dealer

  By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor - The latest steroid-related news up in Canada is a small tidbit related to the recent flurry of events and media sensationalism involving Toronto mayor Rob Ford. The news surrounding mayor Ford has in fact become so popular that it has made American headlines and even international headlines as well. Mayor Rob Ford as of the last two weeks Read more [...]

DHEA Cream Stops Skin Ageing And Prevents Wrinkles

DHEA Cream Stops Skin Ageing And Prevents Wrinkles Blog Entry #8 By Admin – DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a pro-hormone which has been used for decades mainly as part of hormone replacement therapies for both men and women. As well as being administered orally, it can also be put into gels, creams, oils and other topical solutions. L’Oreal researchers in Maturitas, conducted Read more [...]

5g BCAA Pre-Workout Equals Less Muscle Soreness

By Admin – In recent years pre-workout nutrition/supplementation, intra-workout supplementation and post training nutrition/supplementation, have been shown to be of greater importance when wanting to build muscle and cut body fat. A wide range of new supplements has hit the shops, such as those improving blood flow and vasodilation. Other product matrixes combine the need for amino Read more [...]

Red Wine and Quercetin Boost Testosterone Levels

By Admin – Researchers in England at the University of Kingston have discovered that phenols in red wine inhibit an enzyme that expels testosterone from the body.  They found that Quercetin may be an effective testosterone booster which is a readily available dietary supplement on most high streets. The enzyme they studied is called UGT2B17.  It's a steroid glucuronidation enzyme, Read more [...]

Drink Green Tea To Live 14% Longer

By Admin - It has long been claimed that drinking green tea can aid in longevity amongst other positive health benefits, drinking various teas has been suggested by nutritionist and doctors for decades. As well as being a potent anti-oxidant green tea can actually make you live longer. According to a new study conducted by Harbin Medical University in China and soon to be published Read more [...]

Portland Police Union’s Proposed New Steroid Testing Policy

News: Portland Police Union’s Proposed New Steroid Testing Policy Might Ironically Protect Anabolic Steroid Users Within The Department Blog Entry #4 By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor - The latest involving anabolic steroids in the news regarding testing and legality involves the Portland police union’s revision of the department’s drug testing policy under a 4-year contract. Read more [...]

Brief Exposure To Anabolic Steroids May Be Beneficial

  By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor - I had been meaning to discuss this news much sooner, but our blog here at only recently launched this week. On October 28, 2013, the results of a recent study on anabolic steroids was released that sheds a more interesting and positive light on anabolic steroid use and its effects on muscle changes and performance. A recent study Read more [...]

WADA Introduces New Steroid Profiling Technique

  By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor - The issue of steroids in sports and how to enforce the rules has always been a game of cat and mouse. While new techniques are developed by the governing organizations (such as WADA – the World Anti-Doping Agency), athletes are also always remaining one step ahead in order to maintain an edge in their respective sports. Doping and anabolic Read more [...]