Monthly Archives: May 2017

IOC Warns Athletes Over Dietary Supplement Usage

  It’s understandable that world-class athletes – especially those with Olympic aspirations – are willing to do almost anything and everything they can to gain even just the slightest competitive advantage (within the rules, of course), and that’s exactly why supplements are so popular with these world-class athletes. The supplement industry has always been big business, but Read more [...]

U.S. Underground Lab (UGL) Busted

It was through the help of a willing co-operator that the police were able to close down a USA underground steroid laboratory by the name of Savage Pharmaceuticals. Three men were detained and charged this week for the crime of producing and selling anabolic steroids out of home located in the city of Levittown, Pennsylvania. Police and investigators were tipped out to this criminal activity Read more [...]

U.S. Pharmaceutical Company Asks Federal Government To Shut Down UGL

Counterfeit drug manufacturers are getting smarter and smarter about producing the drugs that they pump out, many of them taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and solutions that simply weren’t available to counterfeiters in the past to refine the products they make, to legitimize the products that they make, and to innovate in the world of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, for Read more [...]

Global Athletics World Records Will Be Harder Now

  According to a very controversial new proposal, world records throughout the sport of track and field in Europe will no longer count at all unless the records are established by athletes that meet specific requirements outlined within this new anti-doping proposal. Obviously, the sporting community all over the globe has been completely rocked by the use of performance-enhancing drugs, Read more [...]