U.S. Underground Lab (UGL) Busted

It was through the help of a willing co-operator that the police were able to close down a USA underground steroid laboratory by the name of Savage Pharmaceuticals. Three men were detained and charged this week for the crime of producing and selling anabolic steroids out of home located in the city of Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Police and investigators were tipped out to this criminal activity back in June of 2016. An investigator with the Bucks County Police Department met with a reliable source who offered information and evidence with would implicate the operators and distributers of Savage Pharmaceuticals. The detectives in the county are a specialized group of enforcements who are employed directly by the county’s District Attorney’s Office. It is this office which determines and manages all significant criminal activity such as illegal financial dealings, homicides and drug trafficking.

This particular investigation began after the cooperating source informed investigators that individuals were responsible for the import of pure steroids originating from China, producing steroids themselves, and distributing them under the Savage name to customers online and in person. In addition the steroids, the source claims that they were responsible for making ecstasy and fake prescription medicines. In addition, the had made roughly fifty thousand dollars from drug deals twice a month.

With the help of federal agents also in coalition with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the detectives of Bucks County had staged undercover deals by using their reliable sources to act as a potential client. Using detailed information given by the source, police enforcements honed in on Karl Morris, Dennis Walker and Webster Adams. Karl and Dennis were allegedly the masterminds behind the Savage scam while Webster was the head dealer of the drugs.

Webster believed the source to be a close confidant, and had invited him to visit his place of employment to buy steroids on an occasion during mid summer of 2016. The source had bought five hundred dollars worth or products from Savage at that time.

At a different time, the source had inquired about purchasing more steroids from Karl while he was at his gym. However, Karl informed the source that he was no longer involved with the Pharmaceutical company directly, whoever, he offered his services initiating the transaction and relayed the request from Karl.

Upon meeting at the gym again on August, the source had requested a large order of steroids he they were interested in purchasing. Both parties agreed on a price of two thousand and five hundred dollars. When the source neglected to contact Karl to pick up the order in August, Karl was upset and ordered the source to pay three thousand five hundred, sue to the delay in pick up. Agreeing to the new price, the source had arranged to pick them up the following day.

In late summer, the DEA and the county detectives staged surveillance in Karl’s place of residence, as well as the gym which he frequented. That evening, in the parking lot of the gym, the transaction occurred- the cash for the steroids Known as “re-drug money”, the detectives had copied all the series numbers of all the bills used to purchase the steroids.

A few days after the exchange, officers were grated search warrants and raided the homes of Karl and Dennis in Levittown. Police were able to obtain the steroids stored in hidden packaging. In both homes combined, they were able to obtain over thirty thousand dollars in cash, in addition to the drug money which was exchanged days previously. In Karl’s home officers found labels bearing the Savage Company name as well as steroid labels and paraphernalia.

All have been charged with drug felonies and are currently released on bail.