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US Cyclist Gets Slapped with Four-Year Suspension For Steroids

Amateur US Cyclist Gets Slapped with Four-Year Suspension for Steroids The USA Cycling organization hasn’t been shy about running down their older, recreational cyclists and pushing them out of competition. In the last few years that they have been more aggressively targeting older, recreational cyclists with anti-doping protocols – and a number of them have allowed this organization to get Read more [...]

UFC Star Calls UFC Executive a Sellout That Pushes and Peddles Steroids

Mark Hunt has done just about anything and everything you can think of in the world of mixed martial arts, dominating his weight class in the UFC or his time fighting at that promotion and earning the title of legitimate superstar as well as everything this entails in the ever popular and growing sport. Having just concluded his contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) circuit, Read more [...]

The President of the Latvian Athletic Association Has Tested Positive for PEDs

The President of the Latvian Athletic Association (and a Former Olympic Athlete) Has Popped Positive for PEDs It’s not every day that you see a high up official for a national athletic association being busted for using performance-enhancing drugs, particularly when that individual had been a top-tier international athlete responsible for representing their country at the Olympic Games. That’s Read more [...]

Founder and CEO of Alpha Pharma Pleads Guilty to Running Underground Steroid Smuggling Operation

  The overwhelming majority of drug busts revolving around the underground production and distribution of anabolic steroids involves some pretty unsavory characters, the kinds of folks that are comfortable operating in these black markets and especially those that have a very close relationship with the bodybuilding and fitness community. It’s not every day, however, that you see a Read more [...]

MuscleMania Champion Tests Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

One of the most promising young bodybuilding athletes of the last 10 years has found himself suspended from international and domestic competition for the next two years after getting busted for using anabolic steroids. Osaf Yaqoob, a young Pakistani bodybuilder, had an absolutely fantastic year for his bodybuilding career in 2017. After working hard for about five years to take home the Read more [...]

UK Born Male Model Goes on the Run to Avoid Steroid Charges

  Self-proclaimed male model and frequent Instagram poster Terrence Murrell has fled the United Kingdom ahead of a sentencing hearing in October 2018 that would have certainly put him behind bars for his part in running an underground laboratory to produce and distribute illegal anabolic steroids. Murrell, who was handed down a 37 month prison sentence in absentia, is believed to have Read more [...]