UK Born Male Model Goes on the Run to Avoid Steroid Charges


Self-proclaimed male model and frequent Instagram poster Terrence Murrell has fled the United Kingdom ahead of a sentencing hearing in October 2018 that would have certainly put him behind bars for his part in running an underground laboratory to produce and distribute illegal anabolic steroids.

Murrell, who was handed down a 37 month prison sentence in absentia, is believed to have fled the United Kingdom and is “hiding out” on the Indonesian island of Bali – though he is doing anything but maintaining a low profile.

Regularly posting content on Instagram showcasing a very luxurious lifestyle, Murrell is doing anything but trying to stay out of the spotlight and hide from authorities. Instead, he is living a very public lifestyle that’s playing out on the internet almost every single day – and he’s doing so under the impression that the Bali authorities will not extradite him back to the United Kingdom so that he can serve his prison sentence.

UK-based tabloid newspaper The Sun has been following every move made by Murrell ever since he skipped out on that sentencing hearing and went out on the lam. They report that Murrell describes his new lifestyle as a “boss life” on the tropical island, and for all intents and purposes of this individual looks anything but nervous about UK authorities clacking handcuffs around his wrists and hauling him off to the pokey.

It even appears as though Murrell is actively taunting the UK, posting pictures on social media of his new “incredibly free” lifestyle in Bali alongside pictures of him working out, lounging at a pool, getting new tattoos, and generally living in the lap of luxury.

Before Murrell decided to skip out on the sentencing hearing he was believed to have been in line to receive one of the lowest punishments handed out by a UK judge in charge of this anabolic steroid ring case.

Just one of 15 different individuals that had come conspired with one another to produce a large-scale and multi-million-dollar operation, Murrell was seen as a much smaller piece of the puzzle. He was only expected to receive a prison sentence of just 15 months – six months longer than the shortest sentence and almost 5 years shorter than the longest handed out to the rest of the members in this gang.

Because he decided to skip town his prison sentence was more than double, and any time he steps foot on UK soil – or the soil of any nation with extradition to the United Kingdom – he’ll find himself locked up and immediately remanded to prison to serve out the entirety of that sentence.

He may be living a free lifestyle right now, but should he ever tire of Indonesia he’s going to find himself (quite literally) stuck on an island.

David Jenkins had been identified as the mastermind of this operation, receiving the six-year prison sentence which he began serving immediately. Responsible for importing more than £2 million worth of raw anabolic steroid powder from sources in Asia (particularly Hong Kong and China), it didn’t take long for UK Border Force officials to discover these shipments, what they contained, and to begin tracking them to uncover the rest of the steroid operation.

Over a two-year stretch of time the entire operation was clandestinely observed and the entire investigation concluded in 2017 when 15 different individuals were arrested after targeted and timed police raids were served on their properties.

All of the co-conspirators outside of Murrell not only showed up to their sentencing hearing but also began serving time (if necessary), with Murrell being the only one to skip town and become a fugitive of justice – literally for the rest of his life.

As of January 2019, Murrell still remains on the run in Bali evading authorities.