Dynabol History and Overview:

In the early 1960’s, Nandrolone Cypionate, or Dynabol made its appearance on the human pharma market, roughly around the same time as Deca Durabolin, or as it is scientifically known, Nandrolone Decoanate. However, unlike Deca-Durabolin Nandrolone Cypionate only enjoyed a brief moment of success and quickly faded away from the human use spotlight. Much like Deca Durabolin and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) was created for veterinary use and is still a popular choice among many in the veterinarian market.

It was the veterinary compounding group, Jurox, who were located in Australia who allowed Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) to make its entrance into the Steroid market. In 2001, Dynabol disappeared and SYD group located in Australia went on to acquire all of the rights held by Jurox. It was reintroduced to the market in 2002 under a different name, Anabolic DN. It was also branded as Anabolic NA and SYD would go on to begin the manufacture a much more potent version of Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) which entered the veterinarian drug market of Mexico for a short while.

It didn’t take long for the newly manufactured Nandrolone Cypionate was also pulled from the market in the US after SYD group was charged by the US DEA for the illegal exportation of the drug into the US markets from Mexico for the illegal off label use among humans. To date, Nandrolone Cypionate is only available in Australia and is monitored extremely closely for any misuse of the compound.

Currently, it is impossible to find any genuine and legitimate outlets, such as pharmaceutical companies to obtain either human or veterinarian grade Dynabol from, especially under the official brand name it is commonly known by. With that said, Nandrolone Cypionate is still possible to obtain, albeit a rare occurrence, and as a difficult to find mix of Nandrolone. However, it is not particularly popular or sought after, mainly due to the fact that huge amounts of Nandrolone Decanoate and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate are easily available from many outlets. As Nandrolone Cypionate is identical to Nandrolone Decanoate, there is not really much call for it, but it is possible to find it from certain underground laboratories using its brand name of Dynabol.


As briefly touched upon above, Deca Durabolin and Dynabol are both really one of the same. All of the traits and functions of the 2 are mirror images of each other and should be consistent between both. All side effects and the final outcome will be the same. In fact, the only real difference between them both is that the ester in Nadroloe Cypionate is just a little bit smaller than the ester found in Nandrolone Decanoate. Basically, all that means is that Dynabol is typically faster releasing than Deca Durabolin. There is nothing that can really be called a difference between the 2 different compounds as they both offer exactly the same therapeutic benefits with the same outcome.

Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Properties and Actions:

Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Is classified as an anabolic androgenic steroid, which is made with the 19 Nortestosterone class Nandrolone hormone. When talking about it being a 19 Nortestosterone class, we are referring to the fact that the testosterone hormones 19th position carbon atom is omitted. Although this looks like an insignificant change to the hormone itself, the change enables the hormone to be created in a unique way.

Nandrolone holds a rating of 125 for its anabolic properties, while it has a rating equal to 37 for its androgenic properties. So, it is classed as being much more anabolic than testosterone while being less androgenic than testosterone. When you look at Dynabol, the Cypionate ester, which is classed as large is where the Nandrolone hormone attaches itself and this is what assists with its release within a set period of time. As soon as Nandrolone Cypionate enters the bloodstream, there is a detachment of the ester thus allowing the hormone to enter the system. This leads to a rapid increase of Nandrolone within 48 hours of being injected into the body, followed by a slower and continual release of the compound for an average of roughly 2-weeks.

Nandrolone is often viewed as one of the most beneficial steroids available for therapeutic use, but as it was only available for human use for such a limited amount of time it may seem unimportant. The thing is, if we look at the complete Nandrolone hormone then we will gain a deeper knowledge of Dynabol and how it works. Nandrolone is commonly found to be part of several treatments, including:

  • Helping preserve and retain lean muscle mass due to chronic illnesses, such as certain types of cancers.
  • Treatment of age related fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • For the treatment of internal and external ulcers and ulcerations.
  • As part of a treatment plan for certain types of Anemia.
  • To assist with the development of lean tissue for pre-op and post-op procedures.
  • To help improve the skin and tissue of those suffering from severe burns.
  • Treating Drawrfism caused by pituitary deficiency.
  • Treatment for advanced cases of breast cancer in men and women.
  • Treating growth and development issues found in children
  • Helping improve strength among those who are frail or suffering from weakness.

Nandrolone has been found to possess plenty of potentials when it comes to rejuvenation plans of a therapeutic nature, and it is at times offered on prescription by various hormone clinics outside of the United States. The reason for this is largely down to the fact that the US has a lack of anabolic steroid research as governmental laws and regulations have prohibited research in these areas. So, what traits does Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) have? Well, below we will run through them to help you better understand its therapeutic traits.

Enhancement Of Protein Synthesis

As most people know, protein is one of the foundation build blocks of muscle and without it, muscular growth and development would not be possible. When talking about the synthesis of protein, this refers to how quickly cells are able to build protein. As this is increased, the ability to develop and retain lean muscle mass does too. This leads to a huge boost in growth and enables any individual suffering from muscle atrophy due to a chronic illness, or indeed any athlete to be able to build and recover at an expedited rate.

Increase Nitrogen Retention

When it comes to the composition of lean muscle mass, roughly sixteen percent is composed of nitrogen, which helps muscles to develop and grow. When the levels of nitrogen in the muscles fall to low levels, the muscles begin to waste away due to a catabolic environment. However, when the levels increase an androgenic one takes hold and can lead to many benefits, including the retention and development of tissue in the body.

An Increase In The Number Of Red Blood Cells

As is typical with nearly all types of anabolic steroid, an increase in the number of red blood cells in the body will increase to varying degrees. Red blood cells are like the vehicles of the body, which transport and deliver oxygen throughout the body. The more red blood cells someone has, the more oxygen they can deliver and thus a more advanced level of endurance can be achieved.This improvement of blood cells proves to be beneficial for those suffering from anemia (caused by low red blood cell counts). However, it is important to understand that too many red blood cells could be created by exceeding high doses for an extended amount of time. For most people, responsible use will prevent this from becoming an issue.

Increase Of Collagen Synthesis

Collagen is one of the foundation proteins found in the connective tissues throughout the body. It is found in increased amounts in the tendons and cartilage and can also be found in lean tissue. When the collagen synthesis becomes enhanced, the connective tissues can become much stronger and an improvement of the noted areas becomes easier.

Enhancement of the Mineral Content Of Bones

How dense and strong our bones actually are will directly depend on the mineral content found in them. Nandrolone is able to help enhance the strength of the bones and would prove to be a well-suited and beneficial treatment for illnesses such as osteoporosis. Evidence points to Nandrolone being the most potent treatment for the disorder known to mankind, yet the US regulatory laws mean that it is available to only a tiny percentage of people who could regain a good quality of life from its use. When you look at its ability to improve the mineral content found in the bones, combined with its powerful protein synthesis abilities, enormous relief from a therapeutic standpoint can be achieved. Typically, the majority of individuals utilize nandrolone to provide pain relief to the affected joints. Unlike opioid painkillers, which only serve to mask pain, Nandrolone provides true relief.

Elevate Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1

IGF 1 will have small yet highly beneficial increases in the amount of hormonal output. As IGF 1 is extremely anabolic, it will have fantastic effects on the rate and level of recovery.

Obstruction of Glucocorticoids

These stress hormones wreak havoc on the body and especially when it comes to muscular tissue. It is also known to be a leading cause of fat deposits being laid down in the body. If you look at the way in which anabolic steroids work, you could easily come to the conclusion that these are the exact opposite. You wouldn’t want to completely stop production of them as the body does require small amounts of them. However, too many of them can lead to some rather negative effects, including a weakening and slowing down of the metabolic rate, and a destruction of the appearance of the physique as a whole. Used in a therapeutic setting, Nandrolone can help to preserve lean muscle mass by blocking the majority of Glucocorticoids, which leads to the risk of muscular breakdown.

Dynabol (Nandrolone Cypionate) Effects:

Everything we have already run through allows you to gain a bit more of an understanding of how Dynabol works. However, to truly understand the expected side effects, etc, in a more realistic way we will break the side effect down into set categories. Take note that this will be more focused on the performance enhancing abilities of Dynabol, but it will, of course, cover the therapeutic aspects in a more detailed way too.

DYNABOL (Nandrolone Cypionate) 50mg/ml 10ml Vial

For athletes and individuals who are off season, Dynabol can prove to be extremely therapeutic and offer up some much desired benefits. When it comes to Nandrolone, it is one of the most popular and one of the oldest steroids used as part of a testosterone – Anadrol stack. Now, there is huge potential for an increase in muscle mass at quite a large rate but this won’t happen overnight. Muscle mass will be along the lines of slow and steady. For some, water retention may prove to be an issue, this is because Nandrolone aromatizes in the body. The aromatization is around 20% of that which occurs with testosterone.

Aromatization can easily be controlled with a healthy diet and with the use of an AE (Anti-estrogen), which will help minimize the risk of the onset of water retention. Because of the enhanced metabolic rate when using Nandrolone, it will also become easier to notice more muscle mass with less body fat being laid down.Only a small minority of people consider Nandrolone or Dynabol when looking at going through a cutting phase. Those that do know about its benefits of use will typically be in athletic and bodybuilding circles, especially during preparing for contests and competitions. Dynabol offers protective qualities to help preserve lean muscle mass and this is especially important during times of fasting and calorie restricted diet.

When an individual takes part in a calorie restricted diet for cutting purposes, the body will often begin to metabolize lean muscle mass to try to replace the missing energy source.   Even with the best planned diet, the risk of muscle mass being broken down and used for energy is possible and by using Dynabol or another similar anabolic steroid, the risk of this is drastically reduced. Of course, there are also the benefits of an improved rate or recovery, which is important when your body is trained hard. This helps the individual build their muscle mass and repair body tissue quickly and efficiently.

Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Side Effects:

As with every anabolic steroid, the risk of developing side effects ranging from mild to severe is a very real one. However, as a general rule of thumb, Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Is one of the better tolerated anabolic steroids and when used sensibly will provide benefits that outweigh the potential side effects. The fact that it is very low on the androgenic scale means that for many it would be easier to tolerate than testosterone. With that said, there are risks associated with Nandrolone Cypionate, but understanding what they are and the usual cause of the issue will allow us to understand how to best avoid them.

For the most part, the majority of men will not experience any major side effects.However, there will be some men who will experience issues no matter how much they try to tolerate it. For these men, the use of Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Is not recommended. Below is a breakdown of the common side effects and their causes.

Estrogenic Side Effects

Nandrolone Cypionate carries the risk of estrogenic side effects occurring as Dynabol Aromatizes into estrogenic hormones when in the body. This means that there is a risk of the development of male breast tissue (Gynecomastia) occurring, along with an increased risk of excess water retention taking place. The excess water retention only occurs when levels of estrogen start to increase. However, Nandrolone carries a low rate of aromatization when compared to testosterone at just 20% the strength, but it also has a progestin nature, which can lead to estrogen related side effects. When testosterone and Nandrolone Cypionate are used together, the risk of estrogenic effects increases massively.

So, what can be done to counteract these estrogenic effects? Well, the first port of call will be to use an anti-estrogen to help inhibit the estrogenic hormone. There are 2 different types of AE available, which are AI’s and SERM’s. An AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) works by preventing the aromatase action being commenced and thus will lead to a reduction in the amount of estrogen found in the body. SERM’s (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) work by preventing the estrogen hormone from activating by binding to the estrogenic receptors. Of the 2 types, AI’s prove to carry to most eight behind them for maintaining low estrogen levels and the only way to target progesterone production.

Androgenic Side Effects

While Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) is very low on the androgenic scale, there can still be androgenic side effects related to its use. This will not occur with all men using the anabolic steroid, but for some, it will be unavoidable. Typical androgenic side effects include an increase in the amount and growth rate of the body and facial hair, an increase in the likelihood of moderate acne, and an increase in the thinning of or total loss of hair.

It needs to be noted that unless the individual is predisposed to MPB, or male pattern baldness, which is genetic, then the occurrence of thinning or accelerated hair loss is impossible from using Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol). The risk of androgenic side effects is further reduced as Nandrolone goes through a stage of metabolization via the 5 alpha reductase enzyme and is converted to DHN instead of DHT. DHT or dihydrotestosterone has a much higher potency on the skin and scalp and is a major factor of MPB.

While Nandrolone Cypionate possesses a low androgenic nature, the risk of Virilization on women using it is very real. Virilization can include a deepening of the voice, the increased growth of body hair, and a swelling and enlargement of the clitoris and labia. If use is not discontinued upon experiencing Virilization symptoms, these may become permanent and irreversible in a short amount of time. For this reason, Nandrolone Cypionate is not recommended for use by women and instead, an alternative anabolic steroid should be found to make use of.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) can have potential cardiovascular side effects ranging from irregular lipid levels to an increased risk of high blood pressure, which is typically caused by the increased water retention found with its use. It also increases the risk of adversely impacting cholesterol levels by reducing the HDL (good Cholesterol) and causes an increase in the LDL (Bad cholesterol. To make matters worse, the use of an AI can further cause these negative effects on cholesterol. The best way to try and counter these effects is by eating a diet filled with omega 3 and avoiding as much fat and sugar as possible. Proper cardio exercise will also go a long way in helping the individual stay as healthy as possible.

Testosterone Inhibition

One of the most notable side effects associated with Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) use is a suppression in the production of natural testosterone. This is something that is unavoidable, no matter how well you eat or exercise. In studies, just 1 x 100mg injection of Nandrolone is more than enough to halt the body’s production of testosterone completely. This will lead to the onset of the low testosterone condition, which comes with its own set of downsides and side effects.


For the above reason, it is important that each individual adds in supplementation with an exogenous testosterone preparation. It really holds no bearing with which type you opt to use, but the body needs this testosterone replaced so that the hormone levels allow for a normal functioning body. By adding in exogenous testosterone, the risk of low testosterone condition occurring is eliminated.

When you have come to the end of your cycle with Nandrolone Cypionate and all of the exogenous hormones have left the bodies system, the production of natural testosterone will once again take place. Now, it is going to take a while for your production to be back to your normal levels, but it will happen over several weeks to months. If you already had a low testosterone condition before starting use of Dynabol, your natural testosterone production levels will not improve and you will continue to have a low output level of the hormone.

Hepatoxic Side Effects

As Nandrolone Cypionate is a hepatoxic steroid, there will be no issues relating to the damage or stressing of the liver.

Administration of Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol):

There are zero dosing guidelines available for Dynabol in human anabolic steroid use, due to the fact that the hormone is only utilized by veterinarians. However, if it were to be used by humans then it would be expected that the dosing and amounts would be the same as Deca Durabolin, mainly down to the fact that they are near identical. This means that for the therapeutic benefit, a quantity of 50mg to 100mg would be sufficient every 3 to 4 weeks over a period of 12 weeks. For the treatment of muscle atrophy or anemia, it would be sufficient to take a dose of 200mg each week. It is possible to use it for muscular enhancement at doses of 300mg to 400mg each week, and not uncommon for an individual to use 600mg each week. Of course, these extreme doses increase the risk of adverse side effects significantly. Sticking to a maximum of 400mg per week is usually more than enough for the growth of lean muscle mass.

Availability of Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol):

As there is no demand for Nandrolone Cypionate due to the fact that Nandrolone Decanoate is near identical and easily available, it is almost impossible to find Dynabol on the market. There is absolutely no way to obtain genuine Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) in the US and the only legitimate source of it is the veterinary medicine market in Australia. You will also find it nigh on impossible to obtain from the black market or online from many anabolic steroid outlets or underground labs. If you really want to use Dynabol, the Nandrolone Decoanate will prove to offer exactly what you are looking for while being easily available.

Buy Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Online:

You are going to experience great difficulty locating Dynabol online, but should you happen to chance upon it, it will most likely be reserved for a very select few. In fact, you would be better off by not wasting your time trying to find it for sale online. You can buy a similar compound, such as Nandrolone Decanoate, but there are risks involved with the purchase of this online too.

Buying Nandrolone Cypionate or Nandrolone Decanoate online will involve you having to buy it from the black market. While there is every chance you will find a reputable and quality product, you also run the risk of buying counterfeit or low quality product too. There is also a very real risk to life when buying on the black market as a lack of controls means bacteria laden compounds can make available for sale.

The next potential pitfall is that US legislation and law prohibits the sale of Schedule III controlled substances, and anabolic steroids fall into this category. To purchase Nandrolone Cypionate or any other anabolic steroid online without a genuine and valid physicians prescription would be to break the law. This could have serious consequences and could result in imprisonment, a fine, or both.

While the laws surrounding anabolics in the US are some of the strictest in the world, many other countries have much more relaxed and lenient outlooks on the purchase and use of them. However, you should always understand where you stand with the law in the country you intend to purchase Nandrolone Cypionate in. This also relates to purchases from overseas and importing into the country, which is also a criminal offense in the US.

Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) Conclusion:

Nandrolone Cypionate is seen as one of the highest quality and one of the easiest to tolerate anabolic steroids to ever have been created. Its properties all stem from Nandrolone, so any anabolic steroid containing the active compound will offer the same amazing therapeutic benefits. While its potent powers are well known around the world, the strict laws surround anabolic steroid use in the US has held the compound back for many years and stopped its true potential from being realized. These laws are so strictly enforced, that even to perform research on the compound would be to break the law.In time it may be possible that research is allowed to be performed and that Nandrolone Cypionate (Dynabol) will become much more widely available. After all, the life transformations experienced by those who have been treated with it for certain chronic conditions are a testament to its power and capacity to improve the quality of many peoples lives.

As a performance enhancing anabolic steroid, Nandrolone Cypionate, along with all of the other Nandrolone variants continuously prove themselves to be one of the best and most highly appreciated steroids available to use. In fact, Nandrolone has stood the test of time and is still standing solidly while other anabolic steroids have risen and then fallen by the wayside.The use of Nandrolone enables the individual to build their muscle mass and to retain the lean muscle mass they currently have while in a cutting phase. When this is combined with the powerful healing and recovery abilities it provides to the individual, you are presented with an anabolic steroid which is on top of its game.

Lastly, the fact that it offers many a high threshold when it comes to the ability to tolerate its use, it further increases the well-deserved recognition and respect that Nandrolone hormones, such as Nandrolone Cypionate garner.