Australian UGLs Oz Pharma and Alpha Anabolics Sentenced To Jail


One of the biggest steroid labs in all of Australia just got busted, and the consequences are rather stunning. Knowing as Oz Pharma or Alpha Anabolics, it was one of the biggest steroid labs in the world, and it provided them with approximately $4.5m AUD in proceeds and sell their products all over the world, but it’s all come crashing down with this recent revelation. The owner of the lab, John Triulcio, is going to be locked up for over six-and-a-half years in prison.

When authorities completed their raid of his compound, they were not only blown away with the amount of raw steroid power but they were also shocked at the sheer number of expansions that Triulcio was engaging in. Had he stopped when he was ahead, it’s very well possible that he never would’ve been locked up in the first place.

From the very beginning of his operational days, Triulcio just operated out of a small home in Adelaide. Because it was a smaller property, it was more easy to conceal from police. He was first locked up over three years prior to the current arrest, and it was during this instance that he was shut down, for what should’ve been for good. At the time, they had snagged a few thousand vials of steroids as well as other paraphernalia.

Because it was a first-time offense and not as terrible as it could’ve been, the law was merciful to him. He was basically ordered to stay detained at his home and could not leave during the remainder of the sentence. However, the police had no idea that outside of his home, he had actually a much larger operation.

Basically, outside of his home, he had secretly set up a covert line of communications with his fellow drug-dealing colleagues. Alongside these individuals, he continued to make moves and direct his business, all without the authorities having any idea. But he got greedy, and rather than sitting out the remainder of his sentence in peace, he decided to get back into steroid manufacturing and trafficking. He attempted to import a large quantity of raw hormone materials that would be eventually turned into anabolic steroids, but it turns out that the Australian protection border authorities were able to intercept them.

Triulcio had basically concealed the raw steroid materials and powders inside of hollowed out electronics items. But by looking and inspecting very closely, they were able to determine that there were actually drugs and other contraband that were inside of these materials. As a result, he ended up getting in trouble again, and the rest of his operation would be swiftly shut down.

Steroid powder hidden in TV cable

But what ended up being his downfall didn’t even happen to be drugs. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself and was brash and irresponsible, and as a result, he ended up being slapped with charges for domestic violence. Because of that in combination with other charges, not to mention almost $5 million worth of drug-related contraband were seized, Triulcio ended up getting a stiff sentence from presiding Judge Paul Muscat.

In his final comments before laying down the conviction and sentence, the aforementioned Judge Muscat made reference to the fact that it’s likely that the allure of lots of profits is what led to Muscat being unable to stop committing all of those crimes. As such, the sentence means that perhaps Triulcio will be able to wake up and stop settling for the drug trade to make an honest living. As bad as his situation seems now, he could be paroled within the next year.