Delaware Female Admits to Killing Her Husband by Injecting Him with Contaminated Anabolic Steroids


Sometimes, steroid usage turns tragic. There are so many risks and pitfalls. Recently, a woman in Delaware, who was asked to inject her spouse with steroids, by her spouse’s own request, did plead guilty to killing him, as the steroids that he had her inject were contaminated with antifreeze.

The woman’s name is Jamie Baker. She’d been married to her partner for twenty-one years. The couple has two children. Jamie was known as a loyal and caring supporter of her husband’s bodybuilding efforts. She, by all reports, deeply loved her husband, at least, during most of the relationship. However, at some point, Jamie clearly began to change. When her asked her to inject him with anabolic steroids, she did so, and then he died.

She had added antifreeze to the injectable anabolic steroids. She planned his murder and then coldly carried it out. Since he believed in her love, he likely suspected nothing.

Jamie Baker was convicted of 2nd-degree murder. She confessed to adding antifreeze to the syringe before giving him the fatal injection. Initially, she’d been charged with 1st-degree homocide, as well as felony murder and adulteration. Those initial charges were laid during March of 2014.

At first, she may have believed she would get away with her crime. She was the one who dialed 911 to report his death. This happened during early autumn of 2013. However, forensics are very advanced these days and the Chief Medical Examiner was able to detected poisoning during the autopsy.

After this shocking discovering, the Delaware State Police began a murder investigation which lasted for six months. Apparently, the steroids which Jamie’s husband utilized frequently were not tainted. A bodybuilder friend of his used the same supply without incident. Therefore, the police realizes that someone else had added the antifreeze component. When Jamie admitted to doing it, the case was solved.

The chemical in question was Ethylene glycol, which triggers painful and slow death when injected in sufficient quantities. It’s possible that Baker’s murderous wife, who killed him in such a cruel and unusual manner, will be behind bars for fifteen years due to her crime. Since the couple had children together, this murder is particular heinous and shocking.

Be Careful What You Inject

It’s vital to be cautious when you self-inject. As you now see, it’s also extremely important to be cautious when you ask another person to give you an injection. Trust is not always enough.