Dorian Yates Discusses Anabolic Steroids in a New Documentary

Six time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates is going to discuss anabolic steroids usage at length in a new documentary aired soon.

A new documentary, Dorian Yates: Inside the Shadow, features an interview with 6-time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. This interesting and topical documentary features some insightful remarks from Yates, who weighs in on muscle dysmorphia, steroids and what life beyond bodybuilding is really like. The new documentary film is very well-made and it was premiered at BAFTA during early February of 2017.

Yates was known for staying under the radar while he competed in pro bodybuilding competitions. He did not seek out the spotlight when he was offstage. After he retired, he began to voice his opinions about aspects of the bodybuilding industry, in a franker and bolder manner. In particular, his feelings about steroids were something that he felt compelled to share.

For example, in an interview which was published by London Real during summer of 2015, Yates talked about just how extensive steroid usage is in the sport. He felt that bodybuilders were not being honest regarding just how much they relied on steroids in order to get cut and ripped. However, he also felt that steroid usage in bodybuilding is just as commonplace as steroid usage in other niches of sport.

In his opinion, steroids are something that most bodybuilders have to use just in order to compete. If they don’t, they’ll lose to bodybuilders who do use them. He feels the same about PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs).

During the following year, Yates began a partnership with London Real which resulted in the new documentary film. It’s currently in theaters. Yates has been out there promoting this cinematic effort. For example, he showed up at BAFTA in Piccadilly in order to participate in a Q and A session.

During this frank and open question and answer session, Yates was asked how life after bodybuilding was treating him. Some bodybuilders feel intense pressure to stay in competition shape, even when they aren’t competing anymore. He explained that he doesn’t feel compelled to stay in that type of shape and that it’s not realistic for fans to expect that level of commitment and hard work from a retired bodybuilder. He stated that he has lost a great deal of muscle mass and tone, but that it doesn’t bother him.

At this stage, he wants fitness for his preferred activities, such as cycling. He current body shape is more sensible for his current lifestyle. Also, he’s 55, so he doesn’t put the same pressure on himself. He knows that aging changes bodies. He’s very fit and he’s content with that, even if he’s not squatting six hundred pounds anymore!

At present, Yates lives in Spain and he earns money by promoting his businesses, such as the DY Gym Licensing Program, which is for gym owners, as well as the DY Nutrition supplement brand.

Check Out the New Documentary

If you want to learn about Yates and his views on steroids and body image, be sure to check out the new documentary.