News: Greg Kovacs IFBB Pro Dies

News: Greg Kovacs, Former Canadian IFBB Pro and Columnist for Muscle Insider Dies at Age 44 on November 29, 2010

Greg Kovacs

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By Dan Chaiet, Senior Editor –

It is a sad day in bodybuilding today as the announcement of the loss of a former IFBB pro has hit us all. Today on November 29, 2013, former IFBB pro bodybuilder Greg Kovacs was reported dead at the age of 44 in his Mississauga, Ontario condominium of a heart attack. Greg was a very popular IFBB pro bodybuilder during the 1990s and early 2000s, gaining himself many supplement company sponsorships that put his face in the muscle magazine ads for popular companies such as Muscletech. This is where many readers might recognize Greg’s face as being a very familiar one even though he did not achieve the Olympia level competitions. He was better yet known for his immense size and strength, and easily holds the record as perhaps the heaviest bodybuilder of all time so far at a peak offseason weight of 420 lbs. At a height of 6’3”, competition weight of 337 lbs. and an off-season weight of 420 lbs., Greg’s size was immense and impressive. Along with an impressive height and weight, Greg sported 26” arms, a 70” chest, and a whopping 35” size quads.

His size was also matched by his strength, demonstrated by a 700 lb. bench press, 500 lb. shoulder press, a 2,025 lb. leg press, and many other extremely impressive lifts. His size and strength granted him the status as being the world’s largest and strongest pro bodybuilder during the late 1990s. Greg achieved his pro card at the 1996 Canadian National Championships, which launched him into the pro world. From there, Greg Competed in several other pro level bodybuilding competitions, including the IFBB Night of the Champions, the Ironman Pro, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. Shortly into his pro career, Greg began to hold bodybuilding, strength, and training seminars all over the world, spanning more than 7 countries. Greg’s genetics unfortunately did not take him very far up into the professional bodybuilding world, and realizing this, he recognized his genetics better suited him towards sheer size and strength as opposed to aesthetic symmetry.

Eventually Greg retired from his bodybuilding career in 2005 and began a new journey into entrepreneurship. He started his own business and began to coach and train competitive athletes at many different levels. In addition to this, Greg also became a regular columnist for Muscle Insider, writing many great pieces for the bodybuilding community online.

More details into Greg Kovacs’ cause of death have not yet been published or released, as the news is still spreading. Most likely, there will be vast discussion across the bodybuilding circles in regards to Greg’s reportedly excessive PED use in order to achieve the strength and size that he did throughout his career, and no doubt would such an extreme end of the bodybuilding lifestyle have an impact on his cause of death (especially at what would be considered such a young age), but for the time being we should all mourn the loss of a great and knowledgeable bodybuilder. Condolences to all who knew him.