The illicit steroid business is increasing in Singapore

The black market sale of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in Singapore is absolutely booming these days, and many industry analysts believe that millions of dollars are being made in this illicit marketplace each and every single year.

The sale of performance-enhancing drugs is strictly illegal in the nation of Singapore, and any dealers that are convicted of selling steroids under Section 5 of the Drug Act can face up to three years of prison and considerable fine – but for one reason or another these kinds of crimes aren’t being prosecuted as often as they probably could or should be, and the Singapore steroid epidemic is a direct results of this action.

Those in the Singapore fitness community believe that nearly 30% of all bodybuilders – especially young bodybuilders – are taking advantage of the legal anabolic steroids, which is a little bit surprising. Not because of how high that number is, but because of how low it is compared to the ease of accessibility when it comes to anabolic steroids in Singapore today!

Many of the commercial gyms located throughout Singapore have anabolic steroids available for sale directly over-the-counter, and many fitness center owners aren’t at all concerned with being brought up on charges for illicit drug trading in Singapore courts these days.

Several fitness center owners have actually reported that the sale of illegal steroids is one of the largest contributors to their bottom line and that they don’t even think they could make the kind of money that they are right now in the world of fitness without selling these illegal drugs today.

Young people aren’t shy about taking advantage of these drugs

The Singapore culture really hasn’t embraced performance-enhancing drugs the way that some of the other Western cultures have, but that’s starting to change and shift with this new generation of Singapore bodybuilders and athletes that are heavily influenced by those in the West that aren’t as shy about using these “shortcuts” to build the kind of bodies that are only possible with drugs.

This has led to a number of different clashes between different generations of athletes and bodybuilders in Singapore, with the “old guard” frowning upon this kind of substance abuse and even going so far as to scold those that sell and use steroids while actively trying to kick them out of the gyms completely.

A lot of the people pushing anabolic steroid aren’t at all interested in the world of fitness or the potentially negative impact that steroids will have on the human body over the long term. They are little more than drug pushers just trying to get more people hooked on the materials that they have available for sale, and are really only out there looking to make a profit – at least according to a lot of the senior bodybuilders in the Singapore fitness community.

Singapore is about to see a big crackdown

It sure looks like the people in leadership positions throughout Singapore are getting sick and tired of seeing their fitness centers and their young people overwhelmed by the steroid and illicit drug trade.

Singapore in general has always held a negative view when it comes to these kinds of drugs and this kind of culture, and hopefully the new steroid epidemic is enough to push new legislation into action to curb this kind of usage completely. A lot of fitness center owners are starting to post new rules and regulations about banning the use of performance-enhancing drugs on their property, and while this hasn’t been enough to completely curtail steroid abuse in Singapore it’s definitely starting to turn the tide.