Jeremy Stephens Says Steroid Users Are Pu*sies


Stephens, who is a mixed martial arts athlete, who often competes as a featherweight in the UFC has called out steroid users as being a “bunch of bitches” and “cheating Pussies”. He is said to be ecstatic that the USADA has become involved in the ongoing scandal.


In a recent interview, Stephens made his dislike for steroid users well and truly known. He has nothing but praise for the USADA and nothing but contempt for steroid users and love for wholesome and hardworking fighters who choose not to dope up.

Regardless of the fighters talent and effort, they put into their career, Stephens has said that if they are found to have used or been using steroids to aid their progress, then he holds zero respect for them. Legendary star, Anderson Silva was once regarded as a bit of a hero to Stephens, but the recent exposure of ongoing steroid abuse has left him with nothing but anger toward the athlete.

Silva was long regarded as a sporting superstar by many, but Stephens makes his contempt perfectly clear by claiming that he used to once look up to Silva, but now all he sees is a cheat and discredits him for his steroid abuse. He continues along the lines of those who cheat destroy the hard work and effort genuine athletes put into honing their skills, and steroid users just tarnish it all. He also made his point when it comes to those all natural athletes who get paid a lot less for their efforts, yet those who decide to knowingly cheat become the ones who garner all of the fame and money. He continues to reiterate his point that steroids discredit the sport and that “all that shit was a lie”.

Silva had previously competed in MMA as a professional level athlete and had been a part of the sport for more than 19 years. Throughout those 19 years, he managed to avoid a positive steroid abuse test, and there were never any suspicions of it happening. However, in Jan 2015, his life and career were turned on their head when his urine sample produced a positive result. It was found that there were traces of Masteron in his system. He again tested positive before his bout in Shanghai in 2017.

Stephens hatred for steroids and steroid use isn’t only held toward his own sport and athletes, but across the board with all sports and athletes. He also made it clear that he has no time whatsoever for bodybuilders and gym who never end up competing. All in all, it would appear he hates anyone who takes steroids, be it as a professional athlete or an everyday person.

He said that he loves that true fighters are doing things the correct way, they may be getting paid much less than those who abuse steroids, but they are doing things correctly and naturally. In his eyes, natural is the only way in the sport, and some of those fighters who choose to follow the organic route are now starting to gain recognition. He then stated “F*ck steroids and F*ck anyone who takes them, they are all just a bunch of B*tches.”

Stephens may hold some strong hatred toward steroid users, but there is one person who he has nothing but compliments for. He is in awe of UFC V.P Jeff Novitzky and says that he has been taking drastic steps to bust those who are using performance enhancing substances. He appreciates Notvitzky keeping things real and natural, and that is the way the sport and its athletic stars should be.