Jorge Polanco of the Minnesota Twins tests positive for Winstrol


The Dominican Republic infielder Jorge Polanco who is a player for the Minnesota Twins of the MLB (Major League Baseball) has produced a positive test result for the anabolic steroid known as Stanozolol, which is also commonly known as Winstrol. After testing positive for the use of the banned substance, he was placed on suspension for a period of 80 games as part of his punishment for a first violation of the drug prevention and treatment program offered by the MLB. It was in February of 2018 that Polanco why is notified about the positive test result which was conducted as part of an offseason drug test.

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This drug test was performed by the MLBPA (The Major League Baseball Players Association). Polanco was going to appeal the suspension that was handed down to him, but in the end, he decided to simply accept the punishment. He has made no secret about the fact that he was extremely shocked to discover that he had a positive test result for the use of anabolic steroids when quizzed about it during a news conference on the 19th of March, 2018. The professional baseball player from the Dominican Republic insisted that he had never knowingly or intentionally ingested any type of prohibited performance-enhancing drug or anabolic steroids.

Speaking through his interpreter, Elvis Martinez come out he made the statement that said he was really sorry to be in the situation that he was in and that he would like to apologize to his fans, his family, the Minnesota Twins organization, and the Dominican Republic. He followed on by saying that he would like to move on and take responsibility for the positive test outcome. The 24 year-old player thinks that he knows how Winstrol had ended up in his system and place the blame on a trainer back in the Dominican Republic who gave him what was supposedly a supplement containing vitamin B12. He refused to give any further information about whom this mysterious trainer was or anything more about the vitamin supplement. He also went on to avoid making it clear as to whether the vitamin supplement was ingested orally or injected intramuscularly.

Paul Molitor and Derek Falvey, the manager and chief baseball officer of the Minnesota Twins have both Bean supported all of the steroid Saga that Polanco is experiencing. However, they also concurrently expressed their total support of the Major League baseballs efforts with anti-doping. Molitor said that he knows it is a hard time, and he feels for the player, however, he also said that he respects the policies and program that have been put in place in order to protect the game. He followed on with saying that his first thought was the worry for the player, and then sadness when Polanco shared his admittance.

As Polanco has a suspension period of 93 days, he is likely to lose nearly $3,100 per day or a total loss of $287,500 which will be deducted from his salary compensation for the 2018 season, which was estimated to be $575,000. This clearly is a lot of money to lose and should serve as a serious warning to other players in the MLB who are considering using banned substances or performance-enhancing drugs to further their career. While there are certain drugs that cannot be detected during routine drugs test, many promising players end up losing their careers over their use, and when a positive test result turns up, they tend to deny it and say that it must be contaminated or spiked Health supplements that they have been given by someone else.