Co-founder of Onyx Pharma steroids UGL, Tyler Baumann sentenced to 10 years in prison


The co-founder of an underground lab (UGL), Tyler Bauman was sentenced to 10 years in prison after the underground lab sold and manufactured anabolic steroids utilising the trademark of Onyx Pharmaceuticals.

During sentencing, his attorneys requested leniency and suggested a five-year jail term, however, this was not accepted by the prosecutors and the request was overruled. Baumann went into partnership with a Mr Philip Goodwin in 2015 when they started Onyx Pharma underground lab, the two men originally met while in prison together in 2006. They had agreed to share responsibilities of the operations and management of the steroid business. Baumann truck charge of marketing and promoting the company’s branded steroids they are social media outlets, as well as taking care of all of the orders while Goodwin was overseeing the handling of inventory and manufacturing the steroids. Each of them had a fair and evenly distributed role within the running of the business, but Baumann would later claim during his trial that Goodwin was The mastermind behind the entire operation and he would attempt to throw him under the bus to save his own skin.

Baumann was a particularly unsavoury individual who was known to show off his white pride tattoos via social media or bragging about his illustrious history as a career Criminal. It was for these reasons that District Court Judge, Nathaniel Gorton felt that Bauman did not deserve leniency and sentenced him to 120 months in prison with a further three years of release on a supervised basis. This was 15 months short of the original 135 months requested by prosecutors. Baumann pleaded with the judge for the opportunity to be out of prison within 5 years by using his three children and young infant son as an excuse. However, the prosecutors were not willing to give their support to anything near as what Baumann was looking for, and they held out for a more severe prison sentence then he was anticipating. His history as a career criminal negatively affected the outcome and prosecutors decided that anything fewer than 188 to 234 months would already represent a sentence that was far too lenient. The way in which they saw it was that the 135 months that he had been sentenced to was already more than generous and anything less than that would not be a punishment fit for the crime, nor would it act as a deterrent for any other underground Laboratories dealing with illegal controlled anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

During the trial, Baumann even tried to place all of the blame on his partner where he insisted that he did not have the knowledge, skills, or desire to produce or manufacture steroids on a large scale. He went on to say that if it had not been for Goodwin then he would have remained a small-time dealer and steroid user. He was basically saying that Goodwin what’s the Mastermind behind the entire company, therefore, he deserves to take the brunt of the punishment. Unfortunately for Baumann, prosecutors saw through his pathetic attempts to blame his partner in crime, and they came to the agreement that both men were almost identical when it came to blame. Judge Gorton why is prepared to reduce his prison sentence to a term of 120 months, however, this was still a far way off of what Baumann was looking for, which was a more lenient sentence of 60 months. The sentence that was passed down to Baumann was more than fair given his past history as a career criminal and prior sentences that he had received.