Falcon Labs supplements recalled by Irish government after contamination with Superdrol and DMAA


The Irish government has issued a mandatory recall of supplements that have been produced by Falcom Labs from the shelves of supermarkets and shops around the country. The food safety authority of Ireland discovered there to be trace elements of anabolic steroids and other banned PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). The contamination was noticed across several different products throughout the company’s product line and led to an immediate recall of all products to be pulled from the shelves.

The food safety authority of Ireland discovered to specific supplements, which were oxy burn pro and SuperDrive. Both of these supplements are manufactured by Falcon labs and underwent a recall on a nationwide scale. Superdrive was found to contain traces of the anabolic steroid known as the methasterone, which is also commonly known as Superdrol. Oxyburn Pro was discovered to contain traces of methylhexanamine, which is also known as dimethylamylamine. The WADA has classified both dmaa and superdrol as banned substances of which they are both included on a list of substances that are prohibited. As they are commonly used as a doping supplement, the Irish government had prohibited the use of dmaa and superdrol in all and any dietary supplements.

The director of risk management for the FSAI, Mr Raymond Ellard spoke with Ireland’s RTE radio news about the concern of contamination of all products which have been manufactured by Falcon labs. There are many other products that fall under the brand and the FSAI have suspicions regarding all of them. As there is no way to find out where the supplements are manufactured come up while containing steroids and stimulants which hold no place within the market, suspicion of the entire product range has now been aroused.

The supplements are available from Jim’s, vitamin shops, and online so the FSAI are currently advising people who already have the supplement to dispose of them. They highly recommend not to consume the supplements and not to purchase any in the near future. If they have been used for muscle gain or fat burning reasons, or simply as a supporting factor of fitness targets, then please do not use them. They also asked for the public support in assisting them in locating anywhere that is still selling the dietary supplements.

The food safety authority of Ireland has not been able to identify the contamination source of the dietary supplements produced by Falcon labs. Therefore, they cannot rule out that the addition of the banned substances was not accidental, however, they may have also been purposely added by the manufacturer and until the source of the contamination can be found it remains a mystery. Falcon labs gained the attention of officials after the footballer; Brendan O’Sullivan was banned from participating for 21 weeks back in 2016. He had a positive test result showing dmaa in his sample which was collected during an in competition sample in April 2016. O’Sullivan went on to identify the supplement oxy burn Pro, which is manufactured by Falcon Labs as being the only reason as to why he failed the drug test. It was later confirmed that the product was contaminated by Sports Ireland.

O’Sullivan had explained that he had been using oxyburn Pro and insisted that it would be the cause of his positive test result. He had performed internet searches and check the ingredients list on the product labels where no reference to the banned substance was made. Sports Ireland performed analysis of the supplements that remained in the original container from O’Sullivan, after which they also went on to purchase and an unopened container to perform tests on. They eventually concluded that the positive test result was directly caused by contaminated products and that O’Sullivan was not negligent or at fault.

Source: https://www.fsai.ie/news_centre/food_alerts/falcon_labs_recall.html