Grunt Labs (UGL) Busted In Louisiana


An illegal steroid manufacturer, grunt labs have been busted in Louisiana. The operation never had a large impact on the Online Marketplace, but this didn’t prevent it from being brought to the attention of law enforcement agents. Much like many other underground lab busts, the lab was busted after Customs officials discovered and intercepted an incoming package of steroid powder and its raw form shipped from China. This is the most often way that many underground Laboratories are discovered.

Grunt Labs busted with guns, cash, anabolic steroids

The was task force began to perform surveillance on the address that has been written on the package containing the steroid powder in its raw form. With cooperation from both the United States Postal Service inspection department and The Drug Enforcement Administration, please were able to execute a search warrant for the premises which was owned by a Mr Brandon Prats in the small community town of Thomas, in Louisiana.

The sheriff of Washington Parish, Randy Seal said that it was disturbing to realize that an illegal steroid system that was operating on a national level. He then went on to thank the drug task force, the Department of Homeland Security, The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the USPIS for their amazing work and their pivotal role in unravelling the illegal steroid drug ring. Chief Deputy of the wpso, Mr. Mike Haley shared the discovery of the underground laboratories manufacturing of both injectable and oral anabolic steroids found at Prats home. The police discovered lab equipment that consisted off sterile vials and Stoppers in their hundreds, a pill press, and packaging materials for injectable steroids. They also discovered many thousands of Customs labels that were to be placed on packages that bore the Labs name. In total, the seizure involved 2,149 of liquid steroids for injectable use and 1375 g of raw steroid powder.

While executing their search warrant, police also discovered various quantities of drugs for recreational use, which included 6g of marijuana wax, 107 G of marijuana, and a single Xanax pill. They also discovered 12 different firearms at the residential property. Prat’s was taken to the Parish jail in Washington and was charged with 12 separate counts of Distributing a schedule 3 drug coma one count of intent to distribute schedule 3 drugs, one count of possessing dangerous controlled substances, and 1 count for possessing schedule 3 drugs. He was made to spend the weekend held in jail, but why is released after putting up a $50,000 Bond on March 6th, 2018. While the laboratory worked on a small scale and was not a well-known outlet on the internet for anabolic steroids, many small underground laboratories operate by working together to market each other’s drugs.

The outcome of the charges is yet to be decided, and he is due to appear in court in the near future. While his operation is saying as being small-scale, the addition of the illegally owned firearms could result in a more severe sentence, especially if the judge decides to make an example of him as a warning to other small-scale illegal steroid manufacturers and suppliers. The majority of underground labs are caught out when importing steroid powders in their raw form from China via the postal system. As China seems to be the only place where manufacturers can purchase anabolic steroid powders, it makes it easy for the author it is to trace the packages and perform surveillance to monitor as to whether the address is working as an underground lab. Further updates will be posted on this story as and when they become available and when Prats is taken to court.