Tokkyo Nutrition found to be selling anabolic steroids as dietary supplements


Tokkyo nutrition has been accused of illegally Distributing and selling anabolic steroids under the guise of being dietary supplements. A civil lawsuit has been filed by Nutrition Distribution LLC, an Arizona-based nutrition distributor. The lawsuit also acknowledges BTE wholesalers LLC as the parent company, along with the owner Mr Keith Omerso from New Hampshire. Caution should be taken as to not confuse the company with the underground lab from Mexico known as Ttokkyo, which the DEA dismantled early on in the 2000s. Nutrition Distribution LLC head Bean undertaking their business using the moniker athletic Xtreme, and have previously undertaken business using the name anabolic Xtreme. They have been suing their competition within the dietary supplement industry over a period of several years. They have made use of the Lanham Act to actively pursue a minimum of 95 companies that manufacture and sell dietary supplements over the last few years.

Trenavar Extreme product label

The lawsuit that they use works by targeting companies that are under suspicion of procuring an unfair advantage due to their manufacture and sale of selective Androgen receptor modulators, anabolic steroids, and other prescription drugs or unapproved drugs that are illegally and deceptively sold and marketed as dietary supplements. Nutrition distribution feels that it is facing unfair competition because of Tokkyo nutritions alleged false advertising which is in direct violation of the Lanham Act. As an example, they manufacture and distribute a nutritional supplement that is known as mass FX black coma which is sold in the submarket for muscle gains. However, Mass Effect black cannot actively compete with products that are manufactured using illegal steroids.

One of the main points that nutrition distribution makes is that Tokyo nutrition cells the anabolic steroid DMZ, which is used in various prohormone supplement products. These products include Anavar Xtreme, stand 75, Anadrol x xtreme, trenavar extreme, EQ extreme, Tren stack, Tren Xtreme, Primo extreme, and Mass stack. Tokkyo nutrition constantly advertises the many physical and health benefits that their prohormone products offer. As an example, they state that dymethazine will lead to strength gains that will increase after just a few days and will produce a serious increase in overall strength. Typically, the majority of companies well Market their prohormone products as being dietary supplements. These are then targeted toward gym uses, athletes, Fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders by promising that the product will avail them of many health and fitness benefits as are offered by anabolic steroids, and in certain circumstances, they outright deny that the chemicals within the supplements pose any risk to health.

The attorney who is representing Omerso, Mr Alec McEachern has responded by notifying reporters that his client does not sell steroids and that it is not included in any of his products. He went on to dismiss the lawsuit as being simple frivolity from a company who is well known for suing other companies in the same industry. The lawsuit which was filed by nutrition distribution is due to take place on the 6th of August 2019 and will be done in front of a jury. McEachern is hoping to be able to file a motion that will request the dismissal of the case. This is not the first lawsuit of its kind and many other companies have faced similar accusations off including lawsuit of its kind and many other companies have faced similar accusations of including illegal anabolic steroids and illegal androgenic steroids as part of their nutritional supplements. It is illegal for any company or manufacturer to include schedule 3 controlled drugs in any health supplement and there are no FDA approvals for these type of supplements. Not only are the inclusion of anabolic steroids illegal, but they could also pose a serious health risk to the individual who uses them on a daily basis as anabolic steroids can come with some very severe side effects.