Sciroxx Labs busted with help of DEA


Several individuals who operated Sciroxx Laboratories and Israel were placed under arrest and held on the suspicion of running an anabolic steroid smuggling ring on an international level, which included distribution of controlled substances.

If it were not with the assistance of the DEA, also known as the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the arrests may not have been possible. The Israeli Tax Authority and police placed two suspects under arrest, who are known to be Lior Harush Shapira and Elad Ferman. A third suspect was also detained and held for interrogation, further arrests are expected to be made as the investigation progresses further.

Elad Ferman is known to be a competitive bodybuilder who had once held the mr. Israel title. It is believed that he used the fake name, Karl while advertising the products for sale that were manufactured and transported by Sciroxx labs. He was a common commentary on many bodybuilding forums and the majority of the customers who purchased anabolic steroids from the company were located in the United States. It is because of the International customer base that the DEA became involved.

Shapira why is listed as being the owner of a fitness equipment brand known as cardiosport in Israel. He is a self-styled entrepreneur and was believed to have been one of the main ringleaders in the Sciroxx anabolic steroid organization. The diamond unit of the Israeli police started its investigation into the criminal activities of the company roughly a year ago. The investigation started out as being secret and took place after the DEA provided them with information about the company and its illegal practices. The investigation also commenced with various other agencies in Israel, including the Israel Tax Authority, the money laundering prohibition authority, the Jerusalem police station and the foreign operations coordination unit of the Israeli police.

The company had been gaining attention from the US DEA from as far back as 2011. The American justice system has been trying to find ways to take out the illegal operation ever since it came to light, so by cooperating with the Israeli authorities, they managed to do just that. The American Authorities had managed to collect plenty of information regarding the laboratory after investigations culminated in two of the lab’s remailers located in the United States being arrested. Both Patrick Cunningham and Edmund Paolucci where remailing packages for the laboratory for customers who were based in the United States of America. Typically, the orders consisted of anabolic steroids and controlled substances that contravene U.S legislation.

Cunningham and Paolucci had managed to import copious amounts of injectable steroids into the United States as directed by Ferman. The steroid substance is included Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone acetate, boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise) and Testosterone Enanthate. There were also many other steroids that were sold on from the 650 millilitre jugs that had been imported. The steroids that were imported in bulk where then placed into vials of 10 mm and given the Laboratories branding. Evidence was seized from the computers of Cunningham and Paolucci, which included communication avenues such as Skype conversations and emails with their co-conspirators in Israel. Shapira and Ferman are both now facing charges for tax evasion, money laundering, and steroid trafficking. Most notably, the two suspects are being held for serious offences that contravene the VAT law, the penal law life risk, the prohibition of money laundering, customs ordinance and income tax ordinance.

Without the involvement of the United States DEA, they illegal trafficking group may have been able to continue unchecked for much longer. The results of the pending trial are awaited and will be updated as and when the information becomes available.

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