Irish Pharmacy Employee In Trouble For Supplying Anabolic Steroids

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A pharmacy employee in Ireland is going to be punished for supplying prescription drugs, including anabolic steroids and AIs.

David Lenagh, a registered pharmacist with Cara Pharmacy in Longford, Ireland, is in hot water after helping supply his brother prescription drugs.

cara employee steroids supplyCara Pharmacy owner, Irene Murphy, grew suspicious when various ancillary medications like aromatase inhibitors (AIs) Arimidex and Letrozole began to go missing at the end of 2014.

After confronting Lenagh, Murphy learned that he had indeed been stealing various post cycle therapy medications and anabolic steroids from the pharmacy. Due to thee drugs being prescription only medications, the law had been broken.

Murphy then had no choice but to report his employee to the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI). An investigation was launched and Lenagh was charged with professional misconduct due to the complaint. However, Lenagh was not stealing from the pharmacy to feed his own habit, but to help his bodybuilder brother Matthew Lenagh. Knowing the drugs from the pharmacy were of the highest quality, David was trying to help his brother stay as safe as possible whilst using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

At the PSI enquiry, Lenagh admitted to supplying testosterone gel Testogel, which is applied to the shoulders, back, arms and stomach via transdermal delivery, and Restandol Testocaps. The Testocaps deliver the parent hormone testosterone attached to undecanoate via ingestion. Both products are prescribed for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The two AI’s are used to lower levels of circulating estrogen, helping reduce or prevent side effects associated with anabolic steroids usage that aromatase. Both these drugs are prescribed to female breast cancer patients, and males with high levels of estrogen in the body. High levels of estrogen in men can lead to acne, gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Many anabolic steroids and ancillary drugs are products in unsanitary environments and by underground labs (UGLs). Lenagh told the PSI panel that he was merely trying to help his brother stay safe and avoid taking risks using poor quality PEDs and drugs.

Lenagh admitted it was wrong to take these prescription only compounds and agreed to take part in any corrective disciplinary courses the PSI suggests.