Supplement Company Sued For Selling SARMs and 1-DHEA

Nutrition Distribution LLC Sues Total Fitness Warehouse For Selling SARMS and 1-DHEA

A supplement company based out of Arizona, Nutrition Distribution, is suing a North Carolina-based supplement company, Total Fitness Warehouse, for selling selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and other illegal and illicit bodybuilding supplements that are a lot closer to androgenic steroids than legitimate or legal bodybuilding supplements.

This is not the first time that Nutrition Distribution has created this kind of lawsuit, and likely isn’t going to be the last time they filed this kind of lawsuit, either. This is a company that is very litigious, a company that actively looks out onto the market for companies skirting the rules, breaking the law, and pushing products that aren’t what they promise to be – especially when those products end up being anabolic steroids or prescription drugs that are deceptively and illegally masquerading as legitimate supplements.

Nutrition Distribution and their CEO are transparent about this process

The CEO for Nutrition Distribution has been completely open, honest, and transparent about this lawsuit and all of the other lawsuits of this variety that they have filed since 2005. This is a company that is serious about putting forward top-quality bodybuilding supplements, a company that has invested millions into research and development, and a company that sticks to the strict rules and regulations of compliance in this industry.

It’s easy to see why they wouldn’t be all that excited about other companies in the space ignoring these rules and regulations, flaunting these kinds of conventions, and generally producing or selling products that are anything but legitimate – and oftentimes are illegal, illicit, and can cause some serious and significant health risks.

This is not to say that all of the products available from Nutrition Distribution are above reproach. This company regularly provides transparent information about the ingredients that go into their supplements, their production process, and opens up their marketing and advertising so that customers can feel completely and totally secure moving forward with them.

At the same time, Nutrition Distribution fields that they all went to their customers and their industry to have a “level playing field” and keep illegal and illicit performance-enhancing drugs off the market. That’s why they are so aggressive with these kinds of lawsuits.

Total Fitness Warehouse is fighting back

The folks at Total Fitness Warehouse disagree with the lawsuit that has been filed against them, and categorically deny selling selective androgen receptor modulators and illegal androgen steroid products while marketing and advertising them as legitimate, safe, and legal bodybuilding supplements.

They say that Nutrition Distribution is simply nothing more than a company that “ambulance chasers”, filing these kinds of frivolous lawsuits against the competition in an effort to get them to pay six-figure or higher settlements in return for these kinds of lawsuits getting dropped.

This is something that has happened in the past when Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against Prime Nutrition. The parties reach an undisclosed settlement amount after some negotiation and the lawsuit was dropped.

Total Fitness Warehouse and its parent company are committed to fighting this lawsuit all the way to the end, however. They have hired a crack team of legal experts to represent them, have looked into ways to protect their reputation, and are aggressively fighting back against these allegations.

It sure looks like this case is bound of the courts and that a settlement isn’t going to be reached. It will be very interesting to see how everything shakes out, as one of these two companies are likely going to be exposed for misleading their customers and causing harm to their industry. 

It’s too early to tell which of these operations are in the clear – but we’ll likely know before the end of 2017!