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Duracap Labs Owners Facing Anabolic Steroid Trafficking Charges

  One of the most popular designer steroid and prohormone supplement companies, Duracap Labs, has been under fire for the past few months, and now that there is a superseding indictment filed, it's going to get a lot worse for them and their operation. The end result is that Duracap is going to be experiencing a lot of problems. The lab is owned by a couple, Beny Mesika and his wife, Liz Kuecher. Read more [...]

Doctor Pleads Guilty After Importing Deca-Durabolin

  When you think of doctors, for the most part, they considered very important individuals in society due to the fact that we trust that they act in the purest of intentions. They behave primarily to help people rather than anything else. Sure, they make a good living, but at the end of the day they are there to help people. For the most part, doctors typically act ethically but in this instance, Read more [...]

Mission Labs Canadian UGL Owner Sentenced To Prison

  Michael Kidd, the head of one of Canada's biggest underground labs, known as Mission Labs, was sentenced to under 90 days in jail and his girlfriend, who is apparently accused of committing murder, was only given probation. Both of the sentences are rather light in retrospect to what they could've faced, but either way, the results of the case show that Canada's stance on illegal steroids Read more [...]

MMA Fighter James Thompson Tests Positive For Masteron

  The world of MMA is no stranger to big time athletes getting popped for violations, and this time, a big athlete (in both senses of the word) has been popped and is being banned for over a year. James Thompson is a major heavy hitter in the world of MMA and has been famous for his fights over the years, but it seems that after a recently failed test, Thompson is going to be hit with a suspension Read more [...]

Gaspari Nutrition Files For Bankruptcy After Being Caught Selling Steroidal Compounds

  Anyone, even just the casual lifter or bodybuilder wannabe, at one point or another in the fitness game has come across Gaspari Nutrition. Notorious for giving their products as part of free giveaways and other promotions on nutritional websites and other fitness-related vendors has recently filed for bankruptcy. After having to painfully admit that the company was not profitable and officially Read more [...]

British Sprinter Tests Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs

  The world of sprinting has claimed another victim to drug testing violations. Considered one of the most scrutinized sports in the entire world, sprinters are no stranger to charges of cheating and sporting violations. Now, the sport has lost elite level British sprinter Nigel Levine. Levine tested positive for Clenbuterol, which is a very popular drug amongst bodybuilders and gym rats, but Read more [...]

Ibuprofen Causes Testosterone Suppression

  While most people tend to think of things like Ibuprofen as harmless over the counter aids for various medical issues, the truth is, they may not be as healthy for us as we think. In truth, they have been shown to actually interfere with natural testosterone production Ibuprofen is in a class of drugs known as NSAIDs, otherwise called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are very important Read more [...]

Increase In Teens Using Anabolic Steroids Illegally In UK

  When it comes to young people these days, many of them are subject to a lot of social pressures. Not only do they face pressures from their peers, but young adults and young teens also are bombarded by imagery of hyper-attractive people their age and older on a daily basis. With the advent of social media, more and more young men and women alike are being tantalized into doing whatever it Read more [...]

Nucleus Research Owner Sentenced To Prison (UK)

  One of the most popular UGL in the world gets nailed and its head and CEO is going down with it. Nucleus Research is a popular steroid lab based out of Wales, UK, and recently, its owner, Richard Spargo, is going to be doing some hard time, about 10 months worth at a minimum. Before he can be released on his license, those 10 months are mandatory in service, and all of it comes after Read more [...]

Jeff Novitzky Explains How Jon Jones Could Return Soon

  After a recent decision that proved to be devastating for the career of the arguably greatest of all time Mixed Martial Artist Jon Jones, it appears that his permanent ban from the UFC octagon may not be as long-lived as previously thought. With a new drug czar in charge of the sporting organization, UFC Vice President of Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky says that Jon Jones may actually Read more [...]

Australian UGLs Oz Pharma and Alpha Anabolics Sentenced To Jail

  One of the biggest steroid labs in all of Australia just got busted, and the consequences are rather stunning. Knowing as Oz Pharma or Alpha Anabolics, it was one of the biggest steroid labs in the world, and it provided them with approximately $4.5m AUD in proceeds and sell their products all over the world, but it's all come crashing down with this recent revelation. The owner of the lab, Read more [...]

Can Food Affect Your Happiness?

  You have probably heard the phrase: ‘emotional eating’. This is when a person who feels sad or depressed uses food to console them, as a way to fill the hole that is empty within them. During this bout of sadness, a person may consume items known as ‘comfort foods,’ – which usually consists of foods high in fat and sugar. Although, ‘emotional eating’ is not the only time Read more [...]