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Past UFC champion Jon Jones calls out Colby Covington over PEDs

  Jones, a former Ultimate Fighting Champion in the light heavyweight class, has had numerous run-ins with UFC officials, run afoul of performance-enhancing drug tests, and has basically eviscerated his reputation in the sport that was all but ready to crown him the “next big thing” in mixed martial arts. Making his debut in 2008, Jones put on a show when he absolutely lit up his opponent Read more [...]

UK citizen caught selling illicit branded steroids on social media gets five years in jail

  News out of the United Kingdom is that a Good Hope Hospital employee has just recently been sentenced to five years in prison after moonlighting as a UK domestic seller of anabolic steroids. Now, it’s not that a UK seller of anabolic steroids and other controlled substances would get this much jail time that has so many people talking about the story. Hundreds of people each and Read more [...]

Another Major League Baseball player suspended 80 games after testing positive for PEDs

  Major League Baseball (MLB) has put in place some of the more rigorous testing protocols in all of sports to find Performance Enhancing Drug use, but still players at all levels continue to try and test this protocol – hoping to find a way around the system so that they can continue to take these PEDs. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of them are caught and immediately suspended Read more [...]

Sciroxx Labs busted with help of DEA

  Several individuals who operated Sciroxx Laboratories and Israel were placed under arrest and held on the suspicion of running an anabolic steroid smuggling ring on an international level, which included distribution of controlled substances. If it were not with the assistance of the DEA, also known as the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the arrests may not have been possible. Read more [...]

Domestic US source Next Day Gear is busted 

  A popular UGL, which is short for underground laboratory that domestically produced, manufactured and transported anabolic steroids via sites on the internet has had three of the operators indicted. On the 17th of April 2018 a grand jury in New York had the three individuals indicted for their part of a steroid distribution site and on the 9th of May 2018, they were arraigned at the Supreme Read more [...]

Jail time for those running Welsh steroid UGL

  Sixteen people who were discovered to be working for a UK domestic UGL that produced anabolic steroids have been sentenced to prison. The underground laboratory, which was unnamed was located in Wales and the 16 individuals received varying lengths of prison time ranging from suspended sentences of nine months up to six years imprisonment. Judge Huw Rees had little compassion for those involved Read more [...]

Former Teammate Of Robinson Cano Says Everyone Knew He Was Juicing

  A former New York Yankee teammate of Robinson Cano, recently suspended for 80 games after testing positive for a masking agent used to hide performance-enhancing drug use and anabolic steroids, has come out and stated – rather emphatically – that he isn’t surprised at all Cano was juicing, and doesn’t believe anyone else that played with him is surprised, either. Mark Teixeira Read more [...]

Texas Junior High School Football Coach Sentenced To Probation After Injecting Student Athletes With Steroids

  Texas takes football very, very seriously – maybe more seriously than any other state in the US, and that’s really saying something for a country that is so football crazy. Not only do Texans love the professional game, but they go crazy for college football, and there’s a reason why the TV show and movie Friday Night Lights were so popular. High school football (junior high school Read more [...]