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CAS Will Uphold Lifetime Ban on Former Top Officials from IAAF

CAS is the Court of Arbitration for Sport. It's the most elite sports tribunal and its officials have released information about a couple of lifetime bans. The bans impact the athletic careers of two Russian athletes, both of whom are very well-known. As well, CAS released details about another lifetime ban. This third lifetime ban is a bit different. It's meant to punish the son of a former Read more [...]

Female From California Pleads Guilty to Being Part of Power Trip Steroid UGL

UGL stands for underground lab and a lot of people get steroids from UGLs. Those who run UGLs in America are breaking the law, as are customers who buy steroids from these underground labs. On the 16th of August, 2017, a woman named Brittany Baker, who lives in Venice, California, stood before a District Court Judge and pleaded guilty to participating in a steroid UGL. The underground lab was known Read more [...]

Six Athletes From Russia Have Been Banned by RUSADA

RUSADA is Russia's anti-doping governing body and officials from this organization recently announced that six athletes from the country have been banned due to positive tests for performance-enhancing substances. One banned athlete, Lyubov Kharlamova, is part of the group of six. Kharlamova, a female athlete who is a long-distance runner, was once a medalist in the European steeplechase. A weightlifter Read more [...]

Rich Piana has died

Reports today that Rich Piana has passed away during the night of Thursday August 24. Rich was in a medically induced coma after banging his head on August 7. He was said to have collapsed in his bathroom for unknown reasons.    For those unaware, Rich Piana is bodybuilder and social media celebrity and founder of “Rich Piana 5% Nutrition”. He has a large following on Read more [...]

Steroids Kingpin Brian Wainstein Murdered in Capetown, South Africa

Brian Wainstein was a big player in the world of underground steroid labs. He founded Axio Labs and GenXXL and his life ended on August 18th, 2017. He was murdered in what is believed to be a professional hit. The murder occurred in the early morning hours. In mid-January of 2013, Wainstein was apprehended due to an international arrest warrant. He was arrested in Capetown. For the last three Read more [...]

Jon Jones Gets Busted for Anabolic Steroids At UFC 214

Jon Jones was busted for anabolic steroid usage at UFC 214. He's the light heavyweight champion for UFC and he was informed of the positive drugs test result by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. The agency provides information about the test result via its official website. Jones has an excellent win-loss record. It's hard to say how his record, which features twenty-three wins and just one Read more [...]

Rogue Cop Gets Busted for TabMan Pharma Steroid Operation

Dirty cops aren't just movie characters. There are rogue cops in real life and one of these dirty cops is Evan Speck. He created a company called TabMan Pharmaceuticals, which sold its illegal products via the Web. It's safe to say that most people who purchased anabolic steroids from the TabMan Pharma website didn't think that they were buying them from a Charlestown Police Department (CPD) cop!  Evan Read more [...]

Dallas McCarver has died

Reports from reputable online sources are confirming Dallas McCarver has sadly passed away. He was reportedly found by his training and living partner Josh facedown with food blocking his airways. CPR was done after his airways were unblocked, but Dallas did not regain consciousness. RX Muscle has confirmed the news, as has Dave Palumbo. Other social media accounts and YouTube channels with Read more [...]

Operators of Brinkkman Pharma UGL Sentenced to Prison Time for Selling Steroids

For four years, the operators of an underground lab known as Brinkmann Pharma UGL manufactured steroids and then sold them online. The steroids were sold domestically in the USA. Most underground labs don’t stay open for such an extended time period without getting busted. A lot of underground labs are out there and these labs tend to go come and go fairly quickly. They have short life cycles Read more [...]

Nocturnal Munchies: The Truth About Eating Before Bed

By Anthoney J. Andersen – You might have heard that eating right before bed is not good for your body, and can pack on unwanted fat. But is this really the case, or an age-old myth? Inexperienced dieters commonly believe that anything consumed in the hours right before bed goes directly to body fat storage. Sounds like a nightmare for your physique, right? Wrong. The Read more [...]

Bodybuilder From Italy Busted for Steroids and Other Banned Substances

Giuseppe Ippolito has tested positive for an array of banned substances and steroids. In fact, he tested positive for a whopping fourteen illegal steroids/substances! Usually, people don't test positive for that many things at once, so this bust was definitely newsworthy. The details of the bust were released in early July of this year (2017), via the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders). Read more [...]

Russia refuses to recognize doping report findings

WADA and Russian officials are at war, over a report which was released by WADA, which stipulated that a mass sports doping ring and subsequent cover-up was orchestrated by the Russian government. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) wants Russia to acknowledge its guilt, but Russian officials have stated that this demand from WADA will never be met.  This Refusal Will Have Ramifications WADA Read more [...]

Ostarine is Being Sold Illegally by Dietary Supplement Suppliers

Recently, the USADA issued a warning regarding supplement suppliers that are selling Ostarine, which is designed to alleviate muscle wasting symptoms. However, one doctor is wondering if President Trump might intervene and make the sale of this selective androgen receptor (which is investigational) modulator legal. At present, athletes aren't allowed to use Ostarine. The USADA (United States Anti-Doping Read more [...]

The illicit steroid business is increasing in Singapore

The black market sale of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in Singapore is absolutely booming these days, and many industry analysts believe that millions of dollars are being made in this illicit marketplace each and every single year. The sale of performance-enhancing drugs is strictly illegal in the nation of Singapore, and any dealers that are convicted of selling steroids Read more [...]

10 Year prison sentence given to Texas man for illegal steroid trafficking

On July 13 of 2017, a man by the name of Trace Adams was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison by the judges of Victoria County after being found guilty of multiple counts of the intention to distribute controlled substances, in this case illegal and illicit steroids. According to court reports and the case brought forward by the prosecution, Mr. Adams was running any legal steroid trafficking Read more [...]

Federal Judge reduces punishment for otherwise law-abiding men involved in steroid scandal

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to the US War on Drugs that a lot of relatively innocent people get caught up in some rather sticky situation and then end up being punished – rather harshly – for crimes that don’t seem all that serious in retrospect. Unfortunately, for one reason or another (usually political reasons at that), a lot of these individuals find themselves Read more [...]