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Former Champion Powerlifter Scott Rabine Has Received a Prison Sentence for Selling Oxycontin

Scott Rabine is a former powerlifter who once set an IPA (International Powerlifting Association) world record within the one hundred and eighty pound weight class. He set this record back in 2002. Now, he's received a prison sentence of ten years for selling Oxycontin. Rabine is a former owner of Spartan Fitness Training Center (Glen Falls, NY). Rabine believed that he was receiving a good Read more [...]

Former Pastor Busted As Key Investor of Hulk Body Steroid Underground Lab

Life and Praise Worship Center's former Pastor, Edward Pasternak, had a sideline as the money man for an underground steroids lab known as Hulk Body Steroid. This UGL was financed by Pasternak and it was a multi-million dollar operation which was centered on the domestic manufacture and trafficking of illegal steroids. On the 31st of May, 2017, Pasternak entered a guilty plea for his role in Read more [...]

How Skipping Dinner May Help With Weight Loss

 By Anthoney J. Andersen - When it comes to reaching our ideal body weight, some people are willing to try almost anything once, especially if it means it will help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals that much faster. No matter what strategy you decide to use to shed those unwanted pounds, the key is to create a negative calorie balance. Given that one pound of Read more [...]

Former Steroid Dealer Angel Heredia Has Been Hired to Help Jon Jones With His Case

Angel Heredia used to deal steroids and he's often called by the nickname, "Memo". He is notorious because he offered PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) to track and field athletes at the Olympic level and also supplied Olympic coaches with these banned substances. Angel was a part of the BALCO steroid debacle. Now, Jon Jones is paying him to function as a legal assistant and doping expert. Jones Read more [...]

A Juvenile Detention Officer in Connecticut Was Caught Trading Adderall for Steroids

Juvenile Detention Officers in America are expected to follow the letter of the law. One of them, Jeffrey Gentile of Connecticut, was sentenced to probation after being busted for exchanging Adderall for anabolic steroids. He received three years probation, plus one hundred and fifty hours of community service, because he was involved in a ring which distributed steroids. Gentile no longer works as Read more [...]

B Sample of Jon Jones Also Tests Positive for Turinabol & Stripped of UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

UFC fighter, Jon Jones, is getting plenty of press these days, because he failed a drug test before UFC 214. The sample tested before the fight was the "A" sample, which showed a metabolite of the anabolic steroid, Turinabol. Now, the second sample (the "B" sample) has been tested and it's shown the same positive result as the first. Due to this, Jones has now been stripped of the UFC light heavyweight Read more [...]

Former Aussie Olympian Comes Clean About Steroid Use and Selling Banned Substances

Oliver Dziubak was a javelin thrower in the 2003 Olympic Games, which were held in Athens, Greece. He an Australian and he's now confessed to utilizing and selling banned substances (anabolic steroids). He admitted to his crimes while attending court on the 7th of September, 2017. While speaking to the judge at the Kalgoorie District Court, he didn't confess to using steroids during participation in Read more [...]

USADA Representatives Believe That MMA Fighter, Guido Cannetti, Failed Drug Test Due to Dietary Supplements

Guido Cannetti is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Argentina and he recently tested positive for several PEDs. According to the USADA, dietary supplements may be to blame. Nicknamed, "El Ninja", Guido is a bantamweight MMA fighter who trains at Buenos Aires' Academia de Ensenanza de Artes Marciales GOA. His test results showed the presence of four PEDs and this resulted in a ten-month Read more [...]

Chael Sonnen Believes That Jon Jones Was a Steroid User For Years

Chael Sonnen is an MMA fighter and he believes that Jon Jones has been using steroids the whole time that he's been competing in MMA and UFC competitions. In Sonnen's opinion, Jones should admit to being a longtime steroid user. Sonnen is a light heavyweight MMA athlete who fights for Bellator MMA, which is a promotional company based in Santa Monica, California. Sonnen has his own history of doping, Read more [...]

RUSADA Appoints New Director General

The new Director General of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) has been announced and his name is Yury Ganus. WADA created a report, "Roadmap to Compliance", which stipulated that RUSADA's Supervisory Board would need to hire a new chief in order to move forward after the huge doping scandal which linked RUSADA's lab (as well as the Russian State) with a program of covering up doping of Russian Read more [...]

ONYX Steroid Dealer Pleads Guilty

A male resident of Shrewsbury, MA, USA, entered a guilty plea in August of 2017 for his role in a counterfeit steroids conspiracy. He entered the plea in a Boston federal court. The conspiracy involved trafficking steroids, such as counterfeit versions of Trenbolone and Testosterone, to weightlifters. U.S. Attorney, William D. Weinreb, laid the charges via his office. He's the Acting U.S. Attorney Read more [...]

Founder of Operation Cyber Juice’s Biggest UGL Has Been Sentenced

A man named Ryan Root got six and a half years in prison because he was the leader of America's biggest national UGL (underground lab). He was busted via Operation Cyber Juice, which was carried out by the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA. Root received his sentence from a District Court Judge named Thomas McAvoy. The sentence was announced on the 4th of August, 2017 to 6.5 years in prison.  Ryan Read more [...]

UFC Champion Jon Jones’ Positive Steroid Test Doesn’t Make Sense to CSAC Director

According to the executive director of the CSAC (California State Athletic Commission), the recent steroid bust of UFC champion, Jon Jones, is pretty bizarre. The executive director thinks that the positive result for a banned, performance-enhancing substance is a positive result which makes little sense! If you're also wondering why an athlete of this caliber tested positive for Turinabol, despite Read more [...]